99/05/21 -- List of 45 ERIC Digests

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Adult, Career, and Vocational Education: An Internet Guide.

ed421639 Technology and Adult Learning: Current Perspectives.

ed421640 Service Learning: More than Community Service.

ed421641 Career Development and Gender, Race, and Class.

ed422119 The Transition to Middle School.

ed422267 The Education and Certification of History Teachers: Trends, Problems, and Recommendations.

ed422406 Communicating Educational Research Data to General, Nonresearcher Audiences.

ed422407 Classroom Questions.

ed422495 Vocational Education's Image for the 21st Century.

ed422586 Enhancing Student Thinking through Collaborative Learning.

ed422593 Electronic Discourse: Evolving Conventions in Online Academic Environments.

ed422600 Charter Schools.

ed422601 Teacher Morale.

ed422604 Mistakes Educational Leaders Make.

ed422777 Creating Learning Centered Classrooms. What Does Learning Theor Have To Say?

ed422989 Successfully Integrating Technology.

ed423079 He Has a Summer Birthday: The Kindergarten Entrance Age Dilemma.

ed423096 Latina High School Leaving: Some Practical Solutions.

ed423097 Migrant Students Attending College: Facilitating Their Success.

ed423104 Identifying and Assessing Gifted and Talented Bilingual Hispanic Students.

ed423211 Education for Engagement in Civil Society and Government.

ed423309 Teacher Comments on Report Cards.

ed423310 Item Banking.

ed423311 Some Evaluation Questions.

ed423312 Implementing Performance Assessment in the Classroom.

ed423313 Seven Myths about Literacy in the United States.

ed423426 Transformative Learning in Adulthood.

ed423427 Career Development: A Shared Responsibility.

ed423428 Volunteering and Adult Learning.

ed423429 Family Literacy: Respecting Family Ways.

ed423531 Language Learning in Social and Cultural Contexts.

ed423550 Problem-Based Learning in Language Instruction: A Constructivist Model.

ed423552 Multicultural Children's Literature in the Elementary Classroom.

ed423633 Teaching Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Update 1998.

ed423667 Qualities of Effective Programs for Immigrant Adolescents with Limited Schooling.

ed423922 Policy Development for Distance Education.

ed424031 Issues in Selecting Topics for Projects.

ed424032 Early Childhood Violence Prevention.

ed424033 Twins in School: What Teachers Should Know.

ed424038 Video Games: Research, Ratings, Recommendations.

ed424189 World Wide Web Resources for Teaching and Learning Economics.

ed424190 Using Stories about Heroes To Teach Values.

ed424191 Teaching about George Washington.

ed424212 Technology in Teacher Education: Progress Along the Continuum.

ed424231 Information Literacy and Teacher Education.

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