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92/01/01 - List of 43 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
------------  ----------
ed345281      Writing Assessment at the College Level.

ed345540      The Translation Profession.

ed345753      Libraries for the National Education Goals.

ed345756      Myths and Realities about ERIC.

ed345854      Having Friends, Making Friends, and Keeping Friends: Relationships as Educational Contexts.

ed345866      Understanding and Facilitating Preschool Children's Peer Acceptance.

ed345867      Beyond Transition: Ensuring Continuity in Early Childhood Services.

ed345929      Changing Schools through Experiential Education.

ed345930      Rural Philosophy for Education: Wendell Berry's Tradition.

ed345931      What Can I Become: Educational Aspirations of Students in Rural America.

ed345990      "Remember Our Faces"--Teaching about the Holocaust.

ed346016      The Core Ideas of "CIVITAS: A Framework for Civic Education."

ed346316      Life Cycles and Career Development: New Models.

ed346317      Integrating Academic and Vocational Education: Strategies for Implementation.

ed346318      Job Search Methods.

ed346319      Reflective Practice in Adult Education.

ed346527      The Media's Role in Political Campaigns.

ed346558      School Leadership and Student Motivation.

ed346874      Whole Language in an Elementary School Library Media Center.

ed346992      The Role of Parents in the Development of Peer Group Competence.

ed347153      Professionalizing Teaching: Is There a Role for Professional Development Schools?

ed347402      Multicultural Career Education and Development.

ed347403      Apprenticeship and the Future of the Work Force.

ed347404      Total Quality Management: Application in Vocational Education.

ed347405      Interagency Collaboration: Its Role in Welfare Reform.

ed347470      CACREP Accreditation: Setting the Standard for Counselor Preparation.

ed347471      CHDF-Partner in Professionalism.

ed347472      The Counselor and NBCC.

ed347473      ERIC/CAPS-Expanding Counselor Choice.

ed347474      Counselor Membership in ACA.

ed347475      Valuing Diversity in the Schools: The Counselor's Role.

ed347476      Peer Consultation for Professional Counselors.

ed347477      Action-Oriented Research: Promoting School Counselor Advocacy and Accountability.

ed347478      Building Blocks of Computer-Based Career Planning Systems.

ed347479      Challenges to and Censorship of School Guidance Materials.

ed347480      Counseling Using Technology with At-Risk Youth.

ed347481      Challenging Troublesome Career Beliefs.

ed347482      Family Counseling in the Schools.

ed347483      Nontraditional College Students.

ed347484      School Children and Fitness: Aerobics for Life.

ed347485      Differentiating between Counseling Theory and Process.

ed347486      Positive Uncertainty: A Paradoxical Philosophy of Counseling Whose Time Has Come.

ed347487      Qualitative Research in Student Affairs.

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