92/01/01 - List of 43 ERIC Digests

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Alcohol and Other Drug Use by Adolescents with Disabilities.

ed340151 HIV Prevention Education for Exceptional Youth: Why HIV Prevention Education Is Important.

ed340152 Suicide and the Exceptional Child.

ed340153 Juvenile Corrections and the Exceptional Student.

ed340154 Delivering Special Education: Statistics and Trends. Revised.

ed340272 Active Learning: Creating Excitement in the Classroom.

ed340273 Realizing Gender Equality in Higher Education: The Need To Integrate Work/Family Issues.

ed340274 Academic Advising for Student Success: A System of Shared Responsibility.

ed340388 Interactive Multimedia Computer Systems.

ed340389 Trends & Issues in Library & Information Science 1990.

ed340390 The National Research and Education Network (NREN): Update 1991.

ed340812 Urban School Restructuring and Teacher Burnout.

ed340813 Improving Urban Education with Magnet Schools.

ed341061 A Professor Responds by Computer to the Writing of Elementary Students.

ed341111 Communication Strategies for Employment Interviews.

ed341407 Fax for Library Services.

ed341648 Considerations in Teaching Culturally Diverse Children.

ed341762 Retaining Good Teachers in Urban Schools.

ed341886 Are School-Based Drug Prevention Programs Working?

ed341887 Empowering Young Black Males.

ed341888 Coping with Fears and Stress.

ed341889 Internationalizing the University Career Center.

ed341890 Learning Styles Counseling.

ed341891 Counseling Teenage Fathers: The "Maximizing a Life Experience" (MALE) Group.

ed341892 Peer Leaders in Drug Abuse Prevention.

ed342107 Year-Round Education.

ed342175 Differentiating Curriculum for Gifted Students.

ed342463 Planning for Parent Participation in Schools for Young Children.

ed342775 Ethics in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance.

ed343136 Clear Writing in the Professions.

ed343196 Some Emerging Trends in School Restructuring.

ed343407 Task-Based Activities: Making the Language Laboratory Interactive.

ed343408 Teaching ASL as a Second Language.

ed343462 Using Computers with Adult ESL Literacy Learners.

ed343617 Trends in Educational Technology 1991.

ed343687 Library Latchkey Children.

ed344190 Helping Children Overcome Reading Difficulties.

ed344329 Five Key Issues in Restructuring.

ed344342 Controlled Choice: An Alternative School Choice Plan.

ed344872 So You Want To Be a Teacher.

ed344873 Supervision of Student Teachers.

ed344977 Equal Mathematics Education for Female Students.

ed344978 Managing Youth Programs: A Critical Gap in the Research.

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