92/01/01 - List of 43 ERIC Digests

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Communicating the Next Message of Reform through the Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics.

ed335283 Teaching the 20th-Century History of the United States.    

ed335284 Teaching Geography at School and Home.

ed335356 Preparation of Middle School Teachers.

ed335357 Development Schools and Educational Reform: Concepts and Concerns. ERIC Digest 91-2.

ed336845 School-Based Management and Student Performance.

ed335806 Schools Attack the Roots of Violence.

ed336865 School-Based Budgeting.

ed337203 Psychological Dimensions of User-Computer Interfaces.

ed338294 The Role of Scholarship in the Community College.

ed338295 Learning Centers for the 1990's.

ed338444 Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies.

ed338445 On Standardized Testing.

ed338593 Model Programs for Middle School Teacher Preparation.

ed338698 Assessing Civics Education.

ed338699 The Case for Validity Generalization.

ed338700 Steps in Designing an Indicator System.

ed338701 What Are Educational Indicators and Indicator Systems?

ed338702 Using Biodata as a Selection Instrument.

ed338703 The Case against a National Test.

ed338704 National Research Center on Student Learning.

ed338705 The Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST).

ed338706 The Application of Case Study Evaluations.

ed338745 Highly Mobile Students: Educational Problems and Possible Solutions.

ed338791 Conflict Resolution Programs in Schools.

ed338896 Adults in Career Transition.

ed338897 Ethical Practice in Adult Education.

ed338898 Strategies for Implementing the National Career Development Guidelines.

ed338899 The Vocational Education/Entrepreneurship Match.

ed339092 Identifying Potential Dropouts.

ed339111 Building Relationships between Schools and Social Services.

ed339400 Technology and Equity.

ed339443 The Role of the Community College in Economic and Workforce Development.

ed339548 Teaching with a Multicultural Perspective.

ed339672 Teaching about the Two Koreas.

ed339673 Teaching the Law Using United States Supreme Court Cases.

ed339748 Meta-Analysis in Educational Research.

ed339749 The Secretary of Labor's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills.

ed340001 Prescription for Literacy: Providing Critical Educational Experiences.

ed340147 Preparing Children with Disabilities for School.

ed340148 Developing Effective Programs for Special Education Students Who Are Homeless.

ed340149 Substance Exposed Infants and Children.

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