93/01/01 - List of 123 ERIC Digests

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The Classroom Teacher as Teacher Educator.

ed350886 Access to Literacy for Language Minority Adults.

ed350887 The Language Experience Approach and Adult Learners.

ed351612 Consumer Competency: A National Status Report.

ed352630 Guidelines for Computer-Assisted Reading Instruction.

ed352747 Providing an Appropriate Education to Children with Attention Deficit Disorder.

ed352774 Challenging Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom.

ed352775 Developing Learner Outcomes for Gifted Students.

ed352776 How Parents Can Support Gifted Children.

ed352779 Learning Disabilities.

ed352780 Learning Disabilities: Glossary of Some Important Terms.

ed352847 Collaboration in Schools Serving Students with Limited English Proficiency and Other Special Needs.

ed353004 Proposal Writing for Two-Year Colleges. ERIC Fact Sheet, No. 2.

ed353005 Incorporating Humanities Instruction in Vocational Programs. ERIC Fact Sheet, No. 4.

ed353006 The Assessment of Entering Students. ERIC Fact Sheet, No. 6.

ed353007 Community College Honors Program.

ed353008 Quality Circles in the Community College.

ed353009 Two-Year Colleges.

ed353022 ESL Population and Program Patterns in Community Colleges.

ed353604 The Computer-Networked Writing Lab: One Instructor's View.

ed353861 ESL Literacy for a Linguistic Minority: The Deaf Experience.

ed353862 Staff Development for ABE and ESL Teachers and Volunteers.

ed353864 Children's Literature for Adult ESL Literacy.

ed354245 Authentic Mathematics Assessment.

ed354283 Integrating Academic and Vocational Education: An Equitable Way To Prepare Middle Level Students for the Future.

ed354416 Workplace Literacy: Lessons from Practice.

ed354549 Writing across the Curriculum: Toward the Year 2000.

ed354608 Peer and Cross-Age Tutoring.

ed354789 Dialogue Journals: Interactive Writing To Develop Language and Literacy.

ed354903 Networking: K-12.

ed354988 Reggio Emilia: Some Lessons for U.S. Educators.

ed355040 Problem Solving in Early Childhood Classrooms.

ed355041 Multiple Perspectives on the Quality of Early Childhood Programs.

ed355197 Integrated Services: New Roles for Schools, New Challenges for Teacher Education.

ed355205 Teacher-As-Researcher.

ed355206 Safer Playgrounds for Young Children.

ed355249 Person-Fit Statistics: High Potential and Many Unanswered Questions.

ed355250 A Precedent for Test Validation.

ed355251 National Assessments in Europe and Japan.

ed355252 Resampling: A Marriage of Computers and Statistics.

ed355253 Open-Ended Questions in Reading.

ed355254 Reducing Errors Due to the Use of Judges.

ed355311 Career Academies: Educating Urban Students for Career Success.

ed355314 Helping Young Urban Parents Educate Themselves and Their Children.

ed355454 Adult Literacy Volunteers.

ed355455 Vocational Education's Role in Dropout Prevention.

ed355456 Integrating Science and Math in Vocational Education.

ed355457 Career Education for a Global Economy.

ed355651 Substance Abuse Policy.

ed355834 Foreign Language Requirements and Students with Learning Disabilities.

ed355835 Computer-Assisted Language Learning: Current Programs and Projects.

ed355836 Early Childhood Programs for Language Minority Students.

ed355859 Faculty Job Satisfaction: Women and Minorities in Peril.

ed355860 Reconciling Rights and Responsibilities of Colleges and Students: Offensive Speech, Assembly, Drug Testing and Safety.

ed356099 Homeless Children: Meeting the Educational Challenges.

ed356100 Young Children's Social Development: A Checklist.

ed356101 Developmentally Appropriate Programs.

ed356102 Health Care, Nutrition, and Goal One.

ed356232 Assessing Language-Minority Students.

ed356291 Meeting Youth Needs with Community Programs.

ed356553 Standards for Student Performance.

ed356564 Deteriorating School Facilities and Student Learning.

ed356753 Creating Distinctiveness: Lessons from Uncommon Colleges and Universities.

ed356906 Collaboration: The Prerequisite for School Readiness and Success.

ed357113 Teaching Science Effectively to Limited English Proficient Students.

ed357130 Efficiency, Equity, and Local Control--School Finance in Texas.

ed357131 The Assessment and Placement of Language Minority Students.

ed357316 Multicultural Counseling.

ed357317 Striving for Excellence: Counselor Strategies for Contributing to the National Education Goals.

ed357333 Bibliotherapy.

ed357433 Poverty and Learning.

ed357434 The Changing Role of School Boards.

ed357642 Communicative Language Teaching: An Introduction and Sample Activities.

ed357905 Mexican Immigrants in High Schools: Meeting Their Needs.

ed357906 Integrated Services: A Summary for Rural Educators.

ed357907 Health Problems among Migrant Farmworkers' Children in the U.S.

ed357908 Blueprints for Indian Education: Research and Development Needs for the 1990s.

ed357909 The Migrant Student Record Transfer System (MSRTS): An Update.

ed357910 Developing Supplemental Funding: Initiatives for Rural and Small Schools.

ed357911 Hispanics in Higher Education: Trends in Participation.

ed358069 Making the Grade: Teacher Education's Role in Achieving the National Education Goals.

ed358198 Building a Successful Parent Center in an Urban School.

ed358199 The Changing Face of Racial Isolation and Desegregation in Urban Schools.

ed358376 Education for Homeless Adults.

ed358377 Career Resource Centers.

ed358378 Career Development through Self-Renewal.

ed358379 Women, Human Development, and Learning.

ed358487 Teaching Minority Students To Write Effectively.

ed358581 Understanding the National Goals.

ed358673 ADHD and Children Who Are Gifted.

ed358674 Behavioral Disorders: Focus on Change.

ed358675 Effective Practices for Preparing Young Children with Disabilities for School.

ed358676 Identifying and Serving Recent Immigrant Children Who Are Gifted.

ed358677 Including Students with Disabilities in General Education Classrooms.

ed358747 Developing Native Language Literacy in Language Minority Adults.

ed358748 Innovative Programs and Promising Practices in Adult ESL Literacy.

ed358749 Integrating Reading and Writing into Adult ESL Instruction.

ed358750 Current Terms in Adult ESL Literacy.

ed358751 Cross-Cultural Issues in Adult ESL Literacy Classrooms.

ed358811 Instituting Enduring Innovations: Achieving Continuity of Change in Higher Education.

ed358812 Crossing Pedagogical Oceans: International Teaching Assistants in U.S. Undergraduate Education.

ed358840 School-University Partnerships and Educational Technology.

ed358841 Telecommunications and Distance Education.

ed358870 Information Literacy for Lifelong Learning.

ed358871 Public Libraries and Cultural Diversity.

ed358894 Describing the Non-Liberal Arts Community College Curriculum.

ed358907 Improving the Performance of the Hispanic Community College Student.

ed358973 Self-Esteem and Narcissism: Implications for Practice.

ed359044 Computer Networks for Science Teachers.

ed359045 Education-Business Partnerships: Scientific Work Experience Programs.

ed359048 Teaching Science through Inquiry.

ed359049 Earth Systems Education.

ed359051 Global Issues and Environmental Education.

ed359064 Environmental Studies and Environmental Careers.

ed359065 The Effects of Homogeneous Groupings in Mathematics.

ed359067 Finding Funding for Environmental Education Efforts.

ed359068 Assessing Student Performance in Science.

ed359069 Approaching Standards for Mathematics Assessment.

ed360219 Alternative Assessment: Implications for Social Studies.

ed360220 Geography in History: A Necessary Connection in the School Curriculum.

ed360221 Achievement of Goal Three of the Six National Education Goals.

ed360946 Educating Part-Time Adult Learners in Transition.

ed361057 Challenging the "Revolving Door Syndrome."

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