94/01/01 - List of 85 ERIC Digests

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Giftedness and the Gifted: What's It All About?

ed321482 Helping Your Highly Gifted Child.

ed321483 Underachieving Gifted Students.

ed321484 Gifted but Learning Disabled: A Puzzling Paradox.

ed321487 Discovering Mathematical Talent.

ed321493 Helping Gifted Students with Stress Management.

ed321497 Career Planning for Gifted and Talented Youth.

ed321498 Fostering the Postsecondary Aspirations of Gifted Urban Minority

ed321499 Supporting Gifted Education through Advocacy.

ed361813 Self-Talk & Self-Health.

ed362072 ESL and Bilingual Program Models.

ed362073 Will the National Education Goals Improve the Progress of
English Language Learners?

ed362505 Alternative Career Paths in Physical Education: Sport Management.

ed362506 Peer-Tutoring: Toward a New Model.

ed363052 ERIC Basics: How To Use ERIC To Search Your Special Education

ed363141 Foreign Language Immersion Programs.

ed363165 The Department Chair: New Roles, Responsibilities and Challenges.

ed363454 Dispositions as Educational Goals.

ed363526 Teaching about the Fourth Amendment's Protection against
Unreasonable Searches and Seizures.

ed363527 The Core Ideas of "Lessons from History: Essential
Understandings and Historical Perspectives Students Should

ed363553 Religion in the Social Studies Curriculum.

ed363568 Teaching with Historic Places.

ed363569 Teaching Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era.

ed363668 Chapter 1 Schoolwide Projects: Advantages and Limitations.

ed363676 Teacher Collaboration in Urban Secondary Schools.

ed363796 Locating Education and Literacy Statistics.

ed363797 Part-Time Instructors in Adult and Vocational Education.

ed363798 Parents and the School-to-Work Transition of Special Needs Youth.

ed363799 Women and Entrepreneurship.

ed363869 Teaching Critical Reading through Literature.

ed363884 Publishing Children's Writing.

ed363914 Outcome-Based Education.

ed364134 Sexual Harassment in Higher Education from Conflict to Community.

ed364926 A Communicative Approach to Observation and Feedback.

ed364985 Risk Management.

ed365169 Adult ESL Literacy: Findings from a National Study.

ed365170 Language and Literacy Education for Southeast Asian Refugees.

ed365206 Chicanos in Higher Education: Issues and Dilemmas for the 21st Century.

ed365312 Alternative Assessment and Technology.

ed365468 Using Federal Funds To Improve Child Care.

ed365477 Video Games and Children.

ed365478 Lasting Benefits of Preschool Programs.

ed365979 Children's Literacy Development: Suggestions for Parent

ed365989 Writing Assignments, Journals, and Student Privacy.

ed366262 Academic Freedom in American Higher Education: Rights,
Responsibilities and Limitations.

ed366329 Television Violence and Behavior: A Research Summary.

ed366330 The Field of Educational Technology: A Dozen Frequently Asked Questions.

ed366673 Beyond Culture: Communicating with Asian American Children and Families.

ed366855 A President's Perspective on Student Services Delights and Debits.

ed366856 Effective Group Counseling.

ed366879 School Psychologists: Leaders for Change Building a Secure
Future for Children.

ed366890 Psychodiagnosis for Counselors: The DSM-IV.

ed366985 Helping Children Understand Literary Genres.

ed367142 Content-Centered Language Learning.

ed367143 Second Language Learning in a Social Context.

ed367144 Spanish-Language Ads and Public Service Announcements in the
Foreign Language Classroom.

ed367145 Integrating Language and Culture in Middle School American History Classes.

ed367146 Funds of Knowledge: Learning from Language Minority Households.

ed367190 Workplace ESL Instruction: Varieties and Constraints.

ed367197 Growing Old in America: Learning English Literacy in the Later Years.

ed367415 Tech Prep/Associate Degree (TPAD) Academic Outcomes.

ed367660 Promoting Gender Equity in Middle and Secondary School Sports Programs.

ed368034 Shared Decision-Making.

ed368080 Community Coalitions To Restructure Schools.

ed368214 Creating Drama with Poetry: Teaching English as a Second Language through Dramatization and Improvisation.

ed368255 Making Sense of the Dollars: The Costs and Uses of Faculty Compensation.

ed368321 Enhancing Promotion, Tenure and Beyond: Faculty Socialization as a Cultural Process.

ed368324 The National Information Infrastructure: Policy Trends and Issues.

ed368509 The Project Approach.

ed368809 Technology as a Tool for Urban Classrooms.

ed368889 Recruitment and Retention of Minority Teachers in Vocational Education.

ed368890 The Place of the Humanities in Continuing Higher Education.

ed368891 Peer Tutoring in Adult Basic and Literacy Education.

ed368892 Life and Work in a Technological Society.

ed369034 Organizing for Effective Reading Instruction.

ed369075 Theory Meets Practice in Language Arts Assessment.

ed369154 School-Site Councils.

ed369308 Creating a Professional Workforce in Adult ESL Literacy.

ed369576 Resource Rooms for Children: An Innovative Curricular Tool.

ed369577 Asian-American Children: What Teachers Should Know.

ed369578 Violence and Young Children's Development.

ed369579 Children's Nutrition and Learning.

ed369580 Nutrition Programs for Children.

ed369581 Integrating Children with Disabilities into Preschool.

ed369774 Senior Citizens as School Volunteers: New Resources for the Future.

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