95/04/03 - List of 68 ERIC Digests

Digest #      Title
------------  -----
Meeting the Needs of Gifted and Talented Minority Language Students. ERIC Digest #E480.

ed362253 General Education in Community Colleges. ERIC Digest.

ed366645 Improving the Quality of Student Notes. ERIC/AE Digest.

ed366654 The Concept of Statistical Significance Testing. ERIC/AE Digest.

ed370178 Systemic Education Reform. ERIC Digest, Number 90.

ed370198 Leadership for School Culture. ERIC Digest, Number 91.

ed370200 Student Motivation To Learn. ERIC Digest, Number 92.

ed370295 Should Gifted Students Be Grade-Advanced? ERIC Digest E526.

ed370507 New Perspectives for Student Affairs Professionals: Evolving Realities, Responsibilities and Roles. ERIC Digest.

ed370881 The Essential Elements of Cooperative Learning in the Classroom. ERIC Digest.

ed370882 Civic Education for Global Understanding. ERIC Digest.

ed370885 Using "Think-Time" and "Wait-Time" Skillfully in the Classroom. ERIC Digest.

ed370936 Culturally Responsive Curriculum. ERIC Digest.

ed370937 New to the Ranks: Moving from the Military into Teaching. ERIC Digest.

ed371108 Urban Teachers and Collaborative School-Linked Services. ERIC Digest 96.

ed371506 Managing Inappropriate Behavior in the Classroom. ERIC Digest #E408.

ed371507 Severe Disabilities. ERIC Digest #311. Revised.

ed371520 Blending Gifted Education and School Reform. ERIC Digest #E525.

ed371727 Cable Television in the Classroom. ERIC Digest.

ed371807 Recent Strategies for Faculty Development. ERIC Digest.

ed372146 Varieties of Multicultural Education: An Introduction.  ERIC Digest 98.

ed372175 Gangs in the Schools. ERIC Digest 99.

ed372340 Models of Clinical Supervision. ERIC Digest.

ed372341 Strategies and Methods of Effective Supervision. ERIC Digest.

ed372342 Interpersonal Process Recall. ERIC Digest.

ed372343 The Supervisory Relationship. ERIC Digest.

ed372344 Supervisee Resistance. ERIC Digest.

ed372345 Gender Issues in Supervision. ERIC Digest.

ed372346 Multicultural Issues in Supervision. ERIC Digest.

ed372347 Parallel Process in Supervision. ERIC Digest.

ed372348 Supervisory Evaluation and Feedback. ERIC Digest.

ed372349 Ethical and Legal Dimensions of Supervision. ERIC Digest.

ed372350 The Good Supervisor. ERIC Digest.

ed372351 Fostering Counselors' Development in Group Supervision. ERIC Digest.

ed372352 Peer Consultation as a Form of Supervision. ERIC Digest.

ed372353 Supervision of School Counselors. ERIC Digest.

ed372354 Supervision of Marriage and Family Counselors. ERIC Digest.

ed372355 Clinical Supervision in Addictions Counseling: Special Challenges and Solutions. ERIC Digest.

ed372356 Administrative Skills in Counseling Supervision. ERIC Digest.

ed372357 Use of Technology in Counselor Supervision. ERIC Digest.

ed372358 Counselling Supervision: International Perspectives. ERIC Digest.

ed372375 Phonics in Whole Language Classrooms. ERIC Digest.

ed372460 Home Schooling and Socialization of Children. ERIC Digest.

ed372553 Providing Curriculum Alternatives To Motivate Gifted Students. ERIC Digest E524.

ed372554 Nurturing Social Emotional Development of Gifted Children. ERIC Digest E527.

ed372593 Mental Retardation. ERIC Digest E528.

ed372662 Closed Captioned TV: A Resource for ESL Literacy Education. ERIC Digest.

ed372663 Adult Literacy Practitioners as Researchers. ERIC Digest.

ed372664 Estimating Literacy in the Multilingual United States: Issues and Concerns. ERIC Digest.

ed372702 Turning Teaching into Learning. The Role of Student Responsibility in the Collegiate Experience. ERIC Digest.

ed372756 Information Literacy in an Information Society. ERIC Digest.

ed372757 An Introduction to Internet Resources for K-12 Educators. Part I: Information Resources. ERIC Digest.

ed372758 An Introduction to Internet Resources for K-12 Educators. Part II: Question Answering, Listservs, Discussion Groups. ERIC Digest.

ed372759 The Impact of School Library Media Centers on Academic Achievement. ERIC Digest.

ed372874 Peer Conflicts in the Classroom. ERIC Digest.

ed372875 Assessing the Development of Preschoolers. ERIC Digest.

ed372897 The Academic Effectiveness of Small-Scale Schooling (An Update). ERIC Digest.

ed372898 Blueprints for Indian Education: Improving Mainstream Schooling. ERIC Digest.

ed372899 Blueprints for Indian Education: Languages and Cultures. ERIC Digest.

ed372903 Facilitating Postsecondary Outcomes for Mexican Americans. ERIC Digest.

ed372904 Cultivating Resilience: An Overview for Rural Educators and Parents. ERIC Digest.

ed372952 Doing Science with Your Children. ERIC/CSMEE Digest.

ed372966 Fruit Bats, Cats, and Naked Mole Rats: Lifelong Learning at the Zoo. ERIC/CSMEE Digest.

ed372967 Doing Mathematics with Your Child. ERIC/CSMEE Digest.

ed372968 Using the Child's Environment To Teach at Home and School. ERIC/CSMEE Digest.

ed372969 Current Reform Efforts in Mathematics Education. ERIC/CSMEE Digest.

ed373020 Achieving History Standards in Elementary Schools. ERIC Digest.

ed373021 Recent Trends in Global/International Education. ERIC Digest.

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