95/08/15 - List of 46 ERIC Digests

Digest #      Title
------------  -----
Career Education for Teen Parents. ERIC Digest No. 148.

ed376273 Employers' Expectations of Vocational Education. ERIC  Digest No. 149.

ed376274 Job Search Skills for the Current Economy. ERIC Digest No. 150.

ed376275 Mandatory Continuing Education. ERIC Digest No. 151.

ed376427 Metacognition and Reading To Learn. ERIC Digest.

ed376459 Internships and Reflective Practice: Informing the Workplace, Informing the Academy. ERIC Digest.

ed376474 Computer Assisted Writing Instruction. ERIC Digest.

ed376695 Alternative Assessment and Second Language Study: What and Why? ERIC Digest.

ed376707 Language Learning Strategies: An Update. ERIC Digest.

ed376733 Instructional Conversations in Native American Classrooms. ERIC Digest.

ed376734 Internet for Language Teachers. ERIC Digest.

ed376990 The Risks of Rewards. ERIC Digest.

ed376991 Integrate, Don't Isolate! Computers in the Early Childhood Curriculum. ERIC Digest.

ed376996 Small Scale and School Culture: The Experience of Private Schools. ERIC Digest.

ed376997 Migrant Farmworkers and Their Children. ERIC Digest.

ed376998 Improving Evaluation in Experiential Education. ERIC Digest.

ed377120 Teaching Democracy in East Central Europe: The Case of Poland. ERIC Digest.

ed377121 Ideas for Integrating Japan into the Curriculum. ERIC Digest.

ed377138 Educating ESL Students for Citizenship in a Democratic Society. ERIC Digest.

ed377139 Teaching about Conflict and Crisis in the Former Yugoslavia: The Case of Bosnia-Hercegovina. ERIC Digest.

ed377255 Anti-Bias and Conflict Resolution Curricula: Theory and Practice. ERIC/CUE Digest No. 97.

ed377256 Gaining Control of Violence in the Schools: A View from the Field. ERIC Digest No. 100.

ed377257 Improving the School Experience for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Students. ERIC Digest No. 101.

ed377271 Selecting the Focus of a Focus School. ERIC/CUE Digest Number 102.

ed377311 Cultural Diversity and Teamwork. ERIC Digest No. 152.

ed377312 Locating Nonprint Materials in Adult, Career, and Vocational Education. ERIC Digest No. 153.

ed377313 Guidelines for Working with Adult Learners. ERIC Digest No. 154.

ed377314 Vocational Education in the Middle School. ERIC Digest No. 155.

ed377414 School Counselors Collaborating for Student Success. ERIC Digest.

ed377512 From Theory to Practice: Classroom Application of Outcome-Based Education. ERIC Digest.

ed377782 The Advisory Committee Advantage. Creating an Effective Strategy for Programmatic Improvement. ERIC Digest.

ed377829 Say "YES" to Telephone Lines in the Classroom. ERIC Digest.

ed377880 Libraries and the Internet. ERIC Digest.

ed377911 Community Colleges: General Information and Resources. ERIC Digest.

ed378108 Mediation in the Schools. ERIC Digest.

ed378267 Year-Round Education: A Strategy for Overcrowded Schools. ERIC/CUE Digest Number 103.

ed378461 Counselor Intentionality and Effective Helping. ERIC Digest.

ed378462 School Counselor Role in Planning and Integrating Basic Skills. ERIC Digest.

ed378587   Effective Use of Student Journal Writing. ERIC Digest.

ed378665 What's Right with Schools. ERIC Digest, Number 93.

ed378755 Assistive Technology for Students with Mild Disabilities. ERIC Digest E529.

ed378846 Valuing Diversity in the Multicultural Classroom. ERIC Digest.

ed378847 Collaboration in Adult ESL and Family Literacy Education. ERIC Digest.

ed378924 Collaborative Peer Review. The Role of Faculty in Improving College Teaching. ERIC Digest.

ed379205 Teaching about Landmark Dissents in United States Supreme Court Cases. ERIC Digest.

ed379386 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Teaching. ERIC/CUE Digest Number 104.

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