96/02/26 - List of 91 ERIC Digests

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Sports Counseling: Helping Student-Athletes. ERIC Digest.

ed379637 Gifted Readers and Reading Instruction. ERIC Digest.

ed379664 Revision in the Writing Process. ERIC Digest.

ed379786 School Violence Prevention. ERIC Digest, Number 94.

ed379915 Two-Way Bilingual Education Programs in Practice: A National and Local Perspective. ERIC Digest.

ed379951 Dropout Intervention and Language Minority Youth. ERIC Digest.

ed379965 Teaching Low-Level Adult ESL Learners. ERIC Digest.

ed379966 ESL Instruction for Learning Disabled Adults. ERIC Digest.

ed380236 Guia Para Ver La Television En Familia (Guidelines for Family Television Viewing). ERIC Digest.

ed380237 La Disciplina Positiva (Positive Discipline). ERIC Digest.

ed380238 El Metodo Llamado Proyecto (The Project Approach). ERIC Digest.

ed380239 La Evaluacion del Desarrollo de los Alumnos Preescolares (Assessing the Development of Preschoolers). ERIC Digest.

ed380240 Family Involvement in Early Multicultural Learning. ERIC Digest.

ed380267 Reauthorized Migrant Education Program: Old Themes and New. ERIC Digest.

ed380280 Learning about Tasks Computers Can Perform. ERIC Digest.

ed380295 Multicultural Mathematics: A More Inclusive Mathematics. ERIC Digests.

ed380308 Making Mathematical Connections in the Early Grades. ERIC Digest.

ed380309 Making Mathematical Connections in Middle School. ERIC Digest.

ed380310 Making Mathematical Connections in High School. ERIC Digest.

ed380401 National Standards for Civics and Government. ERIC Digest.

ed380847 How Effective Communication Can Enhance Teaching at the College Level. ERIC Digest.

ed381177 Copyright Issues for the Electronic Age. ERIC Digest.

ed381178 Access Points to ERIC: Update 1995. ERIC Digest.

ed381179 Integrated Library Systems. ERIC Digest.

ed381480 The National Geography Content Standards. ERIC Digest.

ed381530 ERIC as a Resource for the Teacher Researcher. ERIC Digest.

ed381849 Home Schooling. ERIC Digest, Number 95.

ed381851 Facilitative Leadership. ERIC Digest, Number 96.

ed381869 Implementing the Multiage Classroom. ERIC Digest, Number 97.

ed381893 Can Instructional Leaders Be Facilitative Leaders? ERIC Digest, Number 98.

ed381984 Connecting Performance Assessment to Instruction: A Comparison of Behavioral Assessment, Mastery Learning, Curriculum-Based Measurement, and Performance Assessment. ERIC Digest E530.

ed381985 Creating Meaningful Performance Assessments. ERIC Digest E531.

ed381986 National and State Perspectives on Performance Assessment. ERIC Digest E532.

ed381987 Using Performance Assessment in Outcomes-Based Accountability Systems. ERIC Digest E533.

ed382035 We Can Talk: Cooperative Learning in the Elementary ESL Classroom. ERIC Digest.

ed382092 Prices, Productivity, and Investment: Assessing Financial Strategies in Higher Education. ERIC Digest.

ed382106 The Development Officer in Higher Education: Toward an Understanding of the Role. ERIC Digest.

ed382157 Seven Steps to Responsible Software Selection. ERIC Digest.

ed382197 Library Support Staff in an Age of Change: Utilization, Role Definition and Status. ERIC Digest.

ed382406 The Changing Face of Parenting Education. ERIC Digest.

ed382407 Performance Assessment in Early Childhood Education: The Work Sampling System. ERIC Digest.

ed382409 The Internet and Early Childhood Educators: Some Frequently Asked Questions. ERIC Digest.

ed382410 Full-Day Kindergarten Programs. ERIC Digest.

ed382411 The Benefits of Mixed-Age Grouping. ERIC Digest.

ed382412 Hispanic Parent Involvement in Early Childhood Programs. ERIC Digest.

ed382455 African Americans in Science: Books for Young Readers. ERIC Digest.

ed383152 Vocational Support Strategies for Students with Emotional Disorders. ERIC Digest E534.

ed383227 Guidelines for Starting an Elementary School Foreign Language Program. ERIC Digest.

ed383241 Outreach and Retention in Adult ESL Literacy Programs. ERIC Digest.

ed383242 Teaching Multilevel Adult ESL Classes. ERIC Digest.

ed383278 Measuring Up: The Promises and Pitfalls of Performance Indicators in Higher Education. ERIC Digest.

ed383360 Community Colleges as Facilitators of School-to-Work. ERIC Digest.

ed383518 National Data for Studying Rural Education: Elementary and Secondary Education Applications. ERIC Digest.

ed383693 Professional Standards Development: Teacher Involvement. ERIC Digest.

ed383694 Professional Teacher Development and the Reform Agenda. ERIC Digest.

ed383695 Reconceptualizing Professional Teacher Development. ERIC Digest.

ed383783 School Programs and Practices for Homeless Students. ERIC/CUE Digest, Number 105.

ed383856 Business/Education Partnerships. ERIC Digest No. 156.

ed383857 Business/Industry Standards and Vocational Program Accountability. ERIC Digest No. 157.

ed383858 Workplace Literacy: Its Role in High Performance Organizations. ERIC Digest No. 158.

ed383859 Prison Literacy Programs. ERIC Digest No. 159.

ed384072 Language Diversity and Language Arts. ERIC Digest.

ed384479 The Role of Rural Schools in Rural Community Development. ERIC Digest.

ed384484 Rural School Consolidation and Student Learning. ERIC Digest.

ed384601 Teacher Education in Global and International Education. ERIC Digest.

ed384681 Urban Education Resources on the Internet. ERIC/CUE Digest Number 106.

ed384682 Overcrowding in Urban Schools. ERIC/CUE Digest Number 107.

ed384950 School-Based Management. ERIC Digest, Number 99.

ed384951 Priority on Learning: Efficient Use of Resources. ERIC Digest, Number 100.

ed385095 Academic Interventions for Children with Dyslexia Who Have Phonological Core Deficits. ERIC Digest E539.

ed385171 ESL Instruction in Adult Education: Findings from a National Evaluation. ERIC Digest.

ed385172 English as a Second Language in Volunteer-Based Programs. ERIC Digest.

ed385173 Transitioning Adult ESL Learners to Academic Programs. ERIC Digest.

ed385310 Indicators of Institutional Effectiveness. ERIC Digest.

ed385311 Future Learning: Distance Education in Community Colleges. ERIC Digest.

ed385315 The Status and Scope of Faculty Evaluation. ERIC Digest.

ed385316 The Project for Adult College Education (PACE): Student Characteristics, Perceptions, and Writing Development. ERIC Digest.

ed385326 Internet Resources for Community College Practitioners. ERIC Digest.

ed385424 Assessment for American Indian and Alaska Native Learners. ERIC Digest.

ed385425 Outdoor Education and Troubled Youth. ERIC Digest.

ed385426 Middle Level Education in Rural America. ERIC Digest.

ed385604 The ERIC/AE Test Locator Service. ERIC/AE Digest.

ed385605 Current Issues in Research on Intelligence. ERIC/AE Digest.

ed385606 Strategies for Teaching Critical Thinking. ERIC/AE Digest.

ed385607 Questions To Ask When Evaluating Tests. ERIC/AE Digest.

ed385608 Teacher Portfolio Assessment. ERIC/AE Digest.

ed385609 Assessment & Evaluation on the Internet. ERIC/AE Digest.

ed385610 Goals 2000 and World-Class Standards on the Internet. ERIC/AE Digest.

ed385611 Cost of a National Examination. ERIC/AE Digest.

ed385612 The Program Evaluation Standards. ERIC/AE Digest.

ed385613 Making the A: How To Study for Tests. ERIC/AE Digest.

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