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Publication Date: 1995-04-00
Source: ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation Washington DC.

Goals 2000 and World-Class Standards on the Internet. ERIC/AE Digest.

Many organizations, school districts, and state departments of education are posting useful materials on the Internet. These materials can prove to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in Goals 2000, World-Class standards, and school restructuring.

The digest identifies key Internet offerings related to Goals 2000 and World Class standards. Pointers to each of these offerings can be found at the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation (ERIC/AE) gopher site (, special resources, ERIC, Goals 2000). The broad target audience for these materials includes parents, teachers, school administrators and others concerned with improving education. The information includes activities at the local, state and Federal levels.


Some top Internet offerings are:

* Parental and Local Community assistance on how to get involved and support school improvement efforts. A Goals 2000 newsletter and community exchange are included along with a community action toolkit and a list of things you can do.

* State information from 26 states which have established gopher sites, ranging from comprehensive state department of education sites to smaller specific sites on topics such as frameworks, curricula and assessments. Information on states that have received grants to develop content standards and guidance to states in preparing grant applications is included.

* National information from the U.S. Department of Education on Goals 2000 initiatives, guides for teachers, researchers and programs. It also includes information on the National Education Goals Panel and its publications and the National Education Reform Leadership, Standards and Assessment.

* World-Class Standards information on the development of standards including the National Standards Projects, State Content Standards, and essays on standards and assessments.

* International information on standards and assessment and education from the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore and the Occupational Skills Standard Project.

* Other Goals 2000 Gophers includes gophers focused on Goals 2000 at the national, regional and state levels.


The U.S. Department of Education (gopher://gopher.ed. gov.:10001/11/initiatives/goals/legislation) has the full text of the Goals 2000: Educate America Act which President Clinton signed into law on March 31, 1994. The House of Representatives approved the bill on March 23, 1994, with a 306-121 vote. The Senate passed it on March 26, 1994, with a 63-22 vote. You can examine the Act by passages or obtain the entire document in zip format.


Parents, grandparents and concerned citizens are critical to children's education and a critical part of the effort to reach the goals and achieve world-class standards. The National Parent Information Network (gopher:// has posted a wealth of topics ranging from early childhood to the teenage and college years. Additional information includes the monthly Goals 2000 Community Update Newsletter (gopher:// /news), the popular Community Action Toolkit (gopher://gopher. and Promising Practices in Science and Math (gopher://gopher.rbs. org.:70/11/DataBases/programs).

50 Simple Things You Can Do (gopher:// :10001/00/initiatives/ goals/50things.txt), is a useful guide for parents and others looking to help reach the goals. The U.S. Department of Education has also posted information on Parent and Community Support and Involvement (gopher:// /00/initiatives/goals/back/states/doc3.txt) and the Strong Families, Strong School Report including school-family partnerships, family-friendly businesses, and communities and states connecting families and schools (gopher:// :10001/11/initiatives/family/strong).


A great deal of information targeted to teachers, school administrators, principals and others in the community interested in improving education is also available. The U.S. Department of Education provide pointers to the Teacher and Researcher Guides, a Guide to its Programs (gopher://gopher.ed. gov:70/11/genmprogs), Educating Teachers for World-Class Standards (gopher:// 93-1217.txt) and Technology (Advanced Technology in U.S. Public Schools, Telecomputing for Teaching and Learning, Tools for Transforming Teaching and Learning) (gopher:// :10001/11/initiatives/technology). Michigan has posted information on portfolios (gopher:// 11/serv/meap) which provides a very helpful question and answer section related to the implementation and administration of their statewide program.


States are quite active in Goals 2000 and many have posted a wide range of information on the Internet. A number of states have established State Department of Education gopher sites (California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon and Wisconsin), some quite comprehensive. Michigan for example has posted the state-wide systematic initiative, the state education assessment program, the Michigan school report, and the Goals 2000 local reform and professional development grants.

The state applications for grants under Title II of the Educate America Act posted by OERI and mirrored by ERIC/AE provide information on the state's school reform and improvement efforts. The segment on State Content Standards (gopher://vms[ma2000.wcs.scs]) includes the guidance to states in preparing grant applications (gopher:// ERIC/AE has created a searchable data base of the awards made to 29 states and descriptions of them.

There are also pointers to descriptions of Federal programs in each state funded by the various Departments--Agriculture, Education, Labor, etc. and Agencies--the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, etc. (gopher:// and Opportunities/ Directory of Federal Programs/Program Highlights by State).


The U.S. Department of Education has established an outstanding gopher providing nationally oriented material and information on its programs and list of Department-wide Initiatives, the Goals 2000 Initiative (gopher://gopher.ed. gov.:10001/11/initiatives), Guides for Teachers (gopher://,

Researchers (gopher:// and the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (gopher://inet.ed. gov.:70/11/).

Information is included on the National Education Goals Panel and its publications and reports (gopher://vmsgopher.[ma2000.nip.negp]), and the National Education Reform Leadership, Standards and Assessments (gopher:// u).


The Development of world-class standards and related issues are being addressed at the national, state and local levels. The National Standards Projects have been posted (Arts Education and Civics and Government) (gopher:// gophermrootmericmae:[ma2000.nip.nspl]). Additionally, information is provided on Standards and Documents about Standards (gopher://, the Federally sponsored State Content Standards awards and standards developed independently by certain states (Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, and Texas).

There are also essays on standards and assessments including issues of equity and opportunity to learn, performance standards and assessments, portfolios, technical quality, and testing as a reform tool. gopher:// []).


Several other countries have posted information on the Internet related to standards and assessments. Among the most notable are the Education Minister of British Columbia's Order for Assessment and School Accreditation (gopher:// 11pedagogy/assessment), Records of Achievement - The United Kingdom's version of portfolios (gopher://spinoza.cse.ucla. edu.:71/00/NewsLetters/Portfolios/Records of Achievement), and the Singapore Ministry of Education (gopher://

Also available is the Occupational Skills Standards Project comparing education-driven skill standards in this country to six foreign countries -- Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom (gopher:// school2work).


A number of states and a couple of regions have established Goals 2000 gophers on the Internet. Examples include state-gophers for California, Florida, Georgia (PeachNet), Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas; regional gophers for the Northeast and Island Regional Educational Laboratory (gopher:// and the Northwest Regional Education Laboratory (gopher://

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