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96/04/26 - List of 32  ERIC Digests

Digest #      Title
------------  -----
ed385777      Using the Internet in Vocational Education. ERIC Digest No. 160.

ed385778      New Ways of Learning in the Workplace. ERIC Digest No. 161.

ed385779      Inclusive Adult Learning Environments. ERIC Digest No. 162.

ed385780      Not Just a Number: Critical Numeracy for Adults. ERIC Digest No. 163.

ed386178      Virtual Realty: An Overview. ERIC Digest.

ed386242      The Influence of Race and Ethnicity on Access to Postsecondary Education and the College Experience. ERIC Digest.

ed386261      Creating and Maintaining a Diverse Faculty. ERIC Digest.

ed386327      Fostering Resilience in Children. ERIC Digest.

ed386331      Supporting Girls in Early Adolescence. ERIC Digest.

ed386514      The Impact of Vocational Education on Racial and Ethnic Minorities. ERIC/CUE Digest, Number 108.

ed386515      School Dropouts: New Information about an Old Problem. ERIC/CUE
Digest, Number 109.

ed386713      Reading Recovery. ERIC Digest.

ed386734      Writing as a Response to Reading. ERIC Digest.

ed386832      Gifted Learners and the Middle School: Problem or Promise? ERIC
Digest E535.

ed386949      Cross-Age Tutoring in the Literacy Club. ERIC Digest.

ed386950      Fostering Second Language Development in Young Children. ERIC Digest.

ed386960      Philosophies and Approaches in Adult ESL Literacy Instruction.
ERIC Digest.

ed386961      Evaluating Workplace ESL Instructional Programs. ERIC Digest.

ed386962      Adult ESL Learner Assessment: Purposes and Tools. ERIC Digest.

ed387117      The Field of Educational Technology: Update 1995--A Dozen Frequently Asked Questions. ERIC Digest.

ed387273      Parent, Family, and Community Involvement in the Middle Grades. ERIC Digest.

ed387431      Linking Law-Related Education to Reducing Violence by and against Youth. ERIC Digest.

ed387456      Preparing Teachers for Conflict Resolution in the Schools. ERIC Digest.

ed387483      National Standards for School Health Education. ERIC Digest.

ed387708      Assessment Skills of Counselors, Principals, and Teachers. ERIC Digest.

ed387709      Assessment Skills for School Counselors. ERIC Digest.

ed387794      Poststructuralism as Theory and Practice in the English Classroom. ERIC Digest.

ed388351      Projecting the Future of Community Colleges. ERIC Digest.

ed388489      Forging Partnerships between Mexican American Parents and the
Schools. ERIC Digest.

ed388490      Mexican American Women: Schooling, Work, and Family. ERIC Digest.

ed388491      Instructional Strategies for Migrant Students. ERIC Digest.

ed388492      Drop-Out Rates among American Indian and Alaska Native Students: Beyond Cultural Discontinuity. ERIC Digest.

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