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96/08/23 - List of 63 ERIC Digests

Digest #      Title
------------  -----
ed388883      Mental Health Counseling Assessment: Broadening One's Understanding of the Client and the Clients Presenting Concerns. ERIC Digest.

ed388884      CACREP Accreditation: Assessment and Evaluation in the Standards
and Process. ERIC Digest.

ed388885      The Role of Assessment in Counselor Certification. ERIC Digest.

ed388886      Assessment of Counselor Performance. ERIC Digest.

ed388887      Evaluating School Guidance Programs. ERIC Digest.

ed388888      New Assessment Methods for School Counselors. ERIC Digest.

ed388889      Sound Performance Assessments in the Guidance Context. ERIC Digest.

ed388890      Portfolios for Assessment and Instruction. ERIC Digest.

ed389029      Oral Language Development across the Curriculum, K-12. ERIC Digest.

ed389141      Differentiating Instruction for Advanced Learners in the Mixed-Ability Middle School Classroom. ERIC Digest E536.

ed389142      Overview of ADA, IDEA, and Section 504. ERIC Digest E537.

ed389277      Local Area Networks for K-12 Schools. ERIC Digest.

ed389471      Financing Preschool for All Children. ERIC Digest.

ed389473      Advertising in the Schools. ERIC Digest.

ed389474      Encouraging Creativity in Early Childhood Classrooms. ERIC Digest.

ed389475      School Readiness and Children's Developmental Status. ERIC Digest.

ed389699      Infusing Technology into Preservice Teacher Education. ERIC Digest.

ed389816      Opportunity To Learn Standards: Their Impact on Urban Students. ERIC/CUE Digest Number 110.

ed389878      Family Role in Career Development. ERIC Digest No. 164.

ed389879      SCANS and the New Vocationalism. ERIC Digest No. 165.

ed389880      Adult Learner Retention Revisited. ERIC Digest No. 166.

ed389881      Adult Career Counseling in a New Age. ERIC Digest No. 167.

ed389959      Emerging Student Assessment Systems for School Reform. ERIC Digest.

ed389960      Assessment of Abilities. ERIC Digest.

ed389961      Interest Assessment. ERIC Digest.

ed389962      Assessment of Self-Concept. ERIC Digest.

ed389963      Assessment of Temperament. ERIC Digest.

ed389964      Assessment of Preschool Children. ERIC Digest.

ed389965      Screening for Special Diagnoses. ERIC Digest.

ed389966      Assessment in Career Counseling. ERIC Digest.

ed390016      Creating a New Vision of School Psychology: Emerging Models of Psychological Practice in Schools. Digest.

ed390017      Psychological Services in the Schools. Digest.

ed390018      Working with Diverse Learners and School Staff in a Multicultural Society. Digest.

ed390019      Health Services in the Schools: Building Interdisciplinary Partnerships. Digest.

ed390020      Redefining Doctoral School Psychology. Digest.

ed390021      Establishing School-Based Internships in Professional Psychology. Digest.

ed390022      Psychological Practice in Schools: System Change in the Heartland. Digest.

ed390023      Education and Health Care Advocacy: Perspectives on Goals 2000, IASA, IDEA and Healthy People 2000. Digest.

ed390094      Politically Correct on Campus. ERIC Digest.

ed390112      Integrative Education. ERIC Digest, Number 101.

ed390114      Communication Skills. ERIC Digest, Number 102.

ed390283      Serving Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students: Strategies for the School Librarian. ERIC Digest.

ed390284      Integrating Language and Content: Lessons from Immersion. ERIC Digest.

ed390377      Electronic Portfolios: A New Idea in Assessment. ERIC Digest.

ed390720      Civic Education through Service Learning. ERIC Digest.

ed390779      Essentials of Law-Related Education. ERIC Digest.

ed390781      Civic Education for Constitutional Democracy: An International Perspective. ERIC Digest.

ed390874      Use of Computer-based Technology in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. ERIC Digest.

ed390875      Supply and Demand of Teachers of Color. ERIC Digest.

ed390947      Alternatives to Ability Grouping: Still Unanswered Questions. ERIC/CUE Digest Number 111.

ed391107      Assessing Career Certainty and Choice Status. ERIC Digest.

ed391108      Gender Differences in Adolescent Career Exploration. ERIC Digest.

ed391109      Assessing Employability Skills. ERIC Digest.

ed391110      Assessing Career Development with Portfolios. ERIC Digest.

ed391111      Ethics in Assessment. ERIC Digest.

ed391112      Multicultural Assessment. ERIC Digest.

ed391182      Teaching Creative Writing in the Elementary School. ERIC Digest.

ed391226      Work Teams in Schools. ERIC Digest, Number 103.

ed391460      An Introduction to Internet Resources for K-12 Educators. Part I: Information Resources, Update 1996. ERIC Digest.

ed391461      An Introduction to Internet Resources for K-12 Educators. Part II: Question Answering, Listservs, Discussion Groups, Update 1996. ERIC Digest.

ed391558      The Role of the Rural Community College in Rural Community Development. ERIC Digest.

ed391559      Assessment and Testing: Measuring Up to Expectations. ERIC Digest.

ed391624      Recommended Competencies for Outdoor Educators. ERIC Digest.

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