96/10/30 - List of 35 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
------------  ----------
Fairness in Performance Assessment. ERIC Digest.

ed391983 Computer-Assisted Testing in Counseling and Therapy. ERIC Digest.

ed391984 Testing Students with Disabilities. ERIC Digest.

ed391985 The School Psychologist's Role in School Assessment. ERIC Digest.

ed391986 Cooperation between School Psychologists and Counselors in Assessment. ERIC Digest.

ed391987 Using Buros Institute of Mental Measurements Materials in Counseling and Therapy. ERIC Digest.

ed391988 Internet Resources for Guidance Personnel. ERIC Digest.

ed391989 Locating and Evaluating Career Assessment Instruments. ERIC Digest.

ed391990 Inappropriate Statistical Practices in Counseling Research: Three Pointers for Readers of Research Literature. ERIC Digest.

ed392111 Taking Personal and Professional Contexts into Account in the Basic Public Speaking Course. ERIC Digest.

ed392197 Beginning Reading and Phonological Awareness for Students with Learning Disabilities. ERIC Digest #E540.

ed392246 Middle Schools and Foreign Languages: A View for the Future. ERIC Digest.

ed392315 Selling Workplace ESL Instructional Programs. ERIC Digest.

ed392316 Numeracy in the Adult ESL Classroom. ERIC Digest.

ed392317 Union-Sponsored Workplace ESL Instruction. ERIC Digest.

ed392368 A New Alliance: Continuous Quality and Classroom Effectiveness. ERIC Digest.

ed392463 Computer Skills for Information Problem-Solving: Learning and Teaching Technology in Context. ERIC Digest.

ed392466 Internet Basics: Update 1996. ERIC Digest.

ed392467 Library Collection Development in an Electronic Age. ERIC Digest.

ed393156 Block Scheduling. ERIC Digest, Number 104.

ed393448      K-12 Technology Planning at State, District, and Local Levels. ERIC Digest.

ed393504 Community Colleges International. ERIC Digest.

ed393505 Science Reasoning Ability of Community College Students. ERIC Digest.

ed393510 Retention-Attrition in the Nineties. ERIC Digest.

ed393607 Hispanic-American Students and Learning Style. ERIC Digest.

ed393608 The Contribution of Documentation to the Quality of Early Childhood Education. ERIC Digest.

ed393781 Oral History in the Teaching of U.S. History. ERIC Digest.

ed393786 Using Literature To Teach Geography in High Schools. ERIC Digest.

ed393787 Art Education in the Social Studies. ERIC Digest.

ed393790 Teaching about Africa. ERIC Digest.

ed393958 Downsizing Schools in Big Cities. ERIC Digest. No. 112.

ed394147 Using Mythic-Archetypal Approaches in the Language Arts. ERIC Digest.

ed394441 Redesigning Higher Education. Producing Dramatic Gains in Student Learning. ERIC Digest.

ed394443 Student Learning Outside the Classroom: Transcending Artificial Boundaries. ERIC Digest.

ed394744 Teaching Young Children about Native Americans. ERIC Digest.

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