97/02/07 - List of 31 ERIC Digests

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ed395214      Distance Learning, the Internet, and the World Wide Web.

ed395215 Locating Vocational Education Curriculum and Instructional Materials.

ed395216 Computer-Based Career Information Systems.

ed395217 Job Training versus Career Development: What Is Voc Ed's Role?

ed395500 Practical Ideas on Alternative Assessment for ESL Students.

ed395501 Simulated Oral Proficiency Interviews: An Update.

ed395616 Achieving Administrator Diversity.

ed395617 Community College Scholarship.

ed395713 Enhancing Students' Socialization: Key Elements.

ed395714 Helping Early Childhood Teacher Education Students Learn about the Internet.

ed395770 Computers and Assessment in Science Education.

ed395924 Practical Suggestions for Teaching Global Education.

ed396265 Motivating Low Performing Adolescent Readers.

ed396338 Teaching Expressive Writing.

ed396607 Tenure, Promotion, and Reappointment: Legal and Administrative Implications.

ed396615 Taking Teaching Seriously: Meeting the Challenge of Instructional Improvement.

ed396759 Total Quality Management in Libraries.

ed397060 Teacher Mentoring: A Critical Review.

ed397463 Ethical Leadership.

ed397467 The Limits of Shared Decision-Making.

ed397618 Cluster Grouping of Gifted Students: How To Provide Full-Time
Services on a Part-Time Budget.

ed397990 La Violencia y el Desarrollo de los Ninos (Violence and Young Children's Development).

ed397991 El Fomento de la Elasticidad en los Ninos (Fostering Resilience in Children).

ed397993 La Participacion de los Padres en los Programas Preescolares. (Hispanic Parent Involvement in Early Childhood Programs.)

ed398216 Locating Resources on Professional Development Schools.

ed398236 Writing Multiple-Choice Test Items.

ed398237 Basic Item Analysis for Multiple-Choice Tests.

ed398238 More Multiple-Choice Item Writing Do's and Don'ts.

ed398239 Grading Students.

ed398240 Student Ratings Offer Useful Input to Teacher Evaluations.

ed398241 Item Bias Review.

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