97/04/23 -- List of 47 ERIC Digests

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Trends in Educational Technology 1995.

ed399411 Wired: The Electronic Job Search.

ed399412 Adult Learning in Nonformal Institutions.

ed399413 Journal Writing and Adult Learning.

ed399414 Acquiring Self-Knowledge for Career Development.

ed399480 Career and Employment Counseling in Canada: The State of the Art.

ed399481 Canadian Action on Early School Leaving: A Description of the National Stay-in-School Initiative.

ed399482 New Federal Youth Initiatives in Canada.

ed399483 CAMCRY: An Innovation in Collaborative Program Development.

ed399484 Employability Skills Profile: What Are Employers Looking For?

ed399485 Career Counseling with Native Clients: Understanding the Context.

ed399486 Career Counseling for Native Youth: What Kind and by Whom?

ed399487 Career Counseling for Aboriginal Youth: A Community-Based Program Development Approach.

ed399562 Using Grading Guides To Shape and Evaluate Business Writing.

ed399564 Parent Participation in Middle School Language Arts.

ed399569 Risk Communication in the Cultural Studies Composition Classroom.

ed399761 Foreign Language Exploratory Programs: Introduction to Language Learning.

ed399888 Empowering the Faculty: Mentoring Redirected and Renewed.

ed399992 Technology in Community Colleges.

ed400003 Community Colleges and Proprietary Schools.

ed400024 The Thin Green Line: Community Colleges' Struggle To Do More with Less.

ed400025 Women in Community College Leadership Roles.

ed400123 Father/Male Involvement in Early Childhood Programs.

ed400124 Working with Perfectionist Students.

ed400145 Comprehensive Planning: Guidance for Educators of American Indian and Alaska Native Students.

ed400146 Countering Prejudice against American Indians and Alaska Natives through Antibias Curriculum and Instruction.

ed400259 Making Time for Teacher Professional Development.

ed400470 Career Counseling of Youth with Learning Disabilities.

ed400471 Career Counseling for Young People with Physical Disabilities: An Introduction to "Thresholds."

ed400472 Career Counseling with Street Youth.

ed400473 Counseling Young Offenders for Rehabilitation and Employment: The Problem and Promise.

ed400474 Older Workers in Transition.

ed400530 Phonemic Awareness: An Important Early Step in Learning To Read.

ed400561 Teaching English to Gifted Students.

ed400574 Cyberspace Class: Rewards and Punishments.

ed400681 Language Minority Students in School Reform: The Role of Collaboration.

ed400741 Enhancing Student Learning: Intellectual, Social, and Emotional Integration.

ed401044 Grandparents as Parents: A Primer for Schools.

ed401047 Action Research in Early Childhood Education.

ed401048 Preventing and Resolving Parent-Teacher Differences.

ed401049 El Desarrollo Social de los Ninos: Una Lista de Cotejo.  (Young Children's Social Development: A Checklist. )

ed401050 Key Characteristics of Middle Level Schools.

ed401088 Affective and Social Benefits of Small-Scale Schooling.

ed401089 Ongoing Dilemmas of School Size: A Short Story.

ed401090 Curriculum Adequacy and Quality in High Schools Enrolling Fewer Than 400 Pupils (9-12).

ed401272 Cases, Case Methods, and the Professional Development of Educators.

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