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97/08/05 -- List of 33 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
------------  ----------
ed401496      Women and Work-Place Stress.

ed401497      The Social and Labor Market Integration of At-Risk Youth.

ed401498      Counseling Career Drifters.

ed401499      Project P.O.D.S.: Providing Opportunities for Developing Success.

ed401500      Helping Schools with Career Infusion.

ed401501      Outcomes of School Career Development.

ed401502      Models of Adolescent Transition.

ed401503      ENGAGE: A Career Development-Based, Learning-To-Learn Program for Youth, Parents, and Teachers.

ed401504      Constructivist Career Counseling.

ed401505      Constructivist Approaches for Career Counselors.

ed401595      Data-Driven School Improvement.

ed402070      Working with Shy or Withdrawn Students.

ed402398      Immigrants and Their Educational Attainment: Some Facts and Findings.

ed402399      The Education of Immigrant Children in New York City.

ed402472      Adult Education: Social Change or Status Quo?

ed402473      Community Involvement in K-12 Career Education.

ed402474      Career Resilience.

ed402475      Adult Literacy Education: Emerging Directions in Program Development.

ed402629      Integrating the Language Arts.

ed402643      Visionary Leadership.

ed402786      Promoting Secondary School Transitions for Immigrant Adolescents.

ed402787      African Languages at the K-12 Level.

ed402789      Proficiency Plus: The Next Step.

ed402800      Benchmarking in Higher Education: Adapting Best Practices To Improve Quality.

ed402925      The Bread & Butter of the Internet.

ed402928      The School Librarian's Role in the Electronic Age.

ed402936      Public Library Services for Home Schooling.

ed402950      Helping with Homework: A Parent's Guide to Information Problem-Solving.

ed403101      Why Bilingual Education?

ed403102      Perspectives on Rural Child Care.

ed403264      HIV/AIDS Education in Teacher Preparation Programs.

ed403601      Decision Making in the Language Arts.

ed403810      Models for Improving College Teaching: A Faculty Resource.

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