97/12/02 -- List of 41 ERIC Digests

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An Action Approach to Career Counseling.

ed404580 The "High Five" of Career Development.

ed404581 Five Processes of Career Planning.

ed404582 A Centric Career Counseling Model.

ed404583 Using Simulations To Enhance Career Education.

ed404584 Conflict in Career Decisions.

ed404585 Pattern Identification Exercise.

ed404586 Creating Self-Portraits.

ed404587 Ethnographic Questioning in the Career Counseling Interview.

ed404588 A Model for Group Employment Counseling.

ed404601 Reform in Student Affairs: A Synopsis.

ed404948 Experiential Learning in Higher Education: Linking Classroom and Community.

ed404987 Educational MOO: Text-Based Virtual Reality for Learning in Community.

ed405037 Advantages and Disadvantages of Employing Part-Time Faculty in Community Colleges.

ed405139 The Debate over Spanking.

ed405157 Learning from Gangs: The Mexican American Experience.

ed405158 Unschooled Migrant Youth: Characteristics and Strategies To Serve Them.

ed405159 Child Labor in Agriculture.

ed405398 Hispanic Preschool Education: An Important Opportunity.

ed405533 Promoting Professionalism, Collaboration and Advocacy.

ed405534 Cruising the Information Highway for Jobs: On-Line Career Development.

ed405535 Crisis Intervention: An Opportunity To Change.

ed405641 Schools as Communities.

ed405642 Education Reform and Students at Risk.

ed405759 Successful Faculty Development and Evaluation: The Complete Teaching Portfolio.

ed405913 Civic Literacy, Service Learning, and Community Renewal.

ed405943 Fundraising in Community College Foundations.

ed406265 We the People...The Citizen and the Constitution.

ed406301 Daily Life in Japanese High Schools.

ed406361 National Standards for Physical Education.

ed406362 Diversifying the Teaching Force: Preparing Paraeducators as Teachers.

ed406717 Can Cutbacks Leave School Programs Viable?

ed406718 The Strategies of a Leader.

ed406829 Grammar and Its Teaching: Challenging the Myths.

ed406846 Vernacular Dialects in U.S. Schools.

ed406848 Teaching English Abroad: An Introduction.

ed406849 Official English and English Plus: An Update.

ed406962 A Culture for Academic Excellence: Implementing the Quality Principles in Higher Education.

ed407154 Bullying in Schools.

ed407171 Student-Led Conferences at the Middle Level.

ed407172 A Developmental Approach to Assessment of Young Children.

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