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98/05/01 -- List of 97 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
------------  ----------
ed402146      Multicultural Mathematics and Science: Effective K-12 Practices for Equity.

ed402147      Starting Early: Environmental Education during the Early Childhood Years.

ed402148      Teaching Evolution in School Science Classes.

ed402152      Biotechnology Education and the Internet.

ed402154      Teaching Science in the Field.

ed402155      Alternatives To Animal Dissection in School Science Classes.

ed402156      National Standards and Benchmarks in Science Education: A Primer.

ed402157      Mathematics Education Resources on the World Wide Web.

ed402158      Environmental Education Resources on the World Wide Web.

ed402370      After-School Programs for Urban Youth.

ed407572      Vocational Teacher Education Reform.

ed407573      Constructivism, Workplace Learning, and Vocational Education.

ed407574      Quality Improvement Awards and Vocational Education Assessment.

ed407575      Adding International Perspectives to Vocational Education.

ed407881      Myths about Language Diversity and Literacy in the United States.

ed407882      Needs Assessment for Adult ESL Learners.

ed407927      An Introduction to Internet Resources for K-12 Educators. Part I: Information Resources, Update 1997.

ed407928      An Introduction to Internet Resources for K-12 Educators. Part II: Answering, Listservs, Discussion Groups, Update 1997.

ed407938      Concept Mapping: A Graphical System for Understanding the Relationship between Concepts.

ed408004      TQM and Faculty Evaluation: Ever the Twain Shall Meet?

ed408031      El Apoyo a las Ninas en la Temprana Adolescencia (Supporting Girls in Early Adolescence).

ed408032      Los Pactos entre Padres y Maestros (Teacher-Parent Partnerships).

ed408033      El Papel de los Padres en el Desarrollo de la Competencia Social (The Role of Parents in the Development of Peer Group Competence).

ed408102      When Retention Is Recommended, What Should Parents Do?

ed408143      Parent and Community Involvement in Rural Schools.

ed408277      Teacher Education and Gender Equity.

ed408371      Smoking Prevention Strategies for Urban and Minority Youth.

ed408919      From Discipline to Development: Rethinking Student Conduct in Higher Education.

ed409316      Drug Abuse Prevention: School-based Strategies That Work.

ed409317      Collaboration between General and Special Education Teachers.

ed409534      Asking the Right Questions: Reading Assignments That Work for Writing.

ed409557      Whole Language and Adult Education.

ed409585      Studying with the Computer.

ed409589      Six Questions Educators Should Ask before Choosing a Handwriting Program.

ed409604      Building Support for Multiage Education.

ed409605      Measuring Leadership Potential.

ed409609      Expectations for Students.

ed409660      Underachievement among Gifted Minority Students: Problems and Promises.

ed409744      Chinese Heritage Community Language Schools in the United States.

ed409746      Improving ESL Learners' Writing Skills.

ed409747      Citizenship Preparation for Adult ESL Learners.

ed409828      Academic Controversy. Enriching College Instruction through Intellectual Conflict.

ed409895      Motivation in Instructional Design.

ed409929      Graduate and Continuing Education for Community College Leaders.

ed409972      Disability Support Services for Community College Students.

ed410176      Global Trends in Civic Education for Democracy.

ed410177      Teaching about Democratic Constitutionalism.

ed410178      Civic Education in the Czech Republic: Curriculum Reform for Democratic Citizenship.

ed410179      The Framework for the National Assessment of Educational Progress in Civics.

ed410180      Computers and Art Education.

ed410226      Multiple Intelligences: Gardner's Theory.

ed410227      Content Assessment in the Native Language.

ed410228      Adult Intelligence.

ed410229      Guidelines for the Development and Management of Performance Assessments.

ed410230      Eight Questions about Implementing Standards-Based Education.

ed410231      Pitfalls of Data Analysis.

ed410232      Kerlinger's Research Myths.

ed410233      Hints for Designing Effective Questionnaires.

ed410239      The Case for a National Testing System.

ed410316      Norm- and Criterion-Referenced Testing.

ed410317      Early Childhood Program Research and Evaluation.

ed410318      Authorship Ethics.

ed410321      An Overview of Strategies To Reduce School Violence.

ed410322      How Well Are Charter Schools Serving Urban and Minority Students?

ed410323      Strategies for Identifying the Talents of Diverse Students.

ed410367      The Education of Latino Students: Is School Reform Enough?

ed410368      Staff Development in Multilingual Multicultural Schools.

ed410369      Career Development for African American and Latina Females.

ed410846      Higher Education Leadership: Analyzing the Gender Gap.

ed411023      Collaborative Learning in Community Colleges.

ed411172      Civic Education for Democracy in Latvia: The Program of the Democracy Advancement Center.

ed411175      Teaching about Vietnam and the Vietnam War.

ed411178      Law Magnet Programs.

ed411414      New Learning Strategies for Generation X.

ed411415      Popular Education: Adult Education for Social Change.

ed411416      The World Wide Web and Vocational Education.

ed411417      Work-Based Learning.

ed411778      Survey of Instructional Development Models.

ed411873      Growing a Diverse Workforce in the Library and Information Science Professions.

ed411929      Community Colleges: General Information and Resources.

ed412168      Picture Books as a Social Studies Resource in the Elementary School Classroom.

ed412169      The National Assessment of Educational Progress in Geography.

ed412170      Using Alternative Assessments To Improve the Teaching and Learning of History.

ed412171      Recent Trends in Economic Education.

ed412173      The National Assessment of Educational Progress in U.S. History.

ed412174      Using Museum Resources in the K-12 Social Studies Curriculum.

ed412208      Not Just a Warm Body: Changing Images of the Substitute Teacher.

ed412297      Determining the Effectiveness of Youth Programs.

ed412309      Turning It Around for All Youth: From Risk to Resilience.

ed412506      Vocabulary Instruction and Reading Comprehension.

ed412527      Student Diversity and Learning Needs.

ed412815      The Virtual Campus: Technology and Reform in Higher Education.

ed412862      Early Intervention Programs: Opening the Door to Higher Education.

ed413105      Child-Initiated Learning Activities for Young Children Living in Poverty.

ed413106      Developmentally Appropriate Practice: What Does Research Tell Us?

ed413388      Recent Experience with Urban School Choice Plans.

ed413405      Learning and Earning: The Value of Working for Urban Students.

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