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1998/11/30 -- List of 19 ERIC Digests


ed416934      Improving Transfer and Articulation Policies.

ed416935      Presidents and Trustees in Partnership.

ed416940      Effective Policies for Remedial Education.

ed416941      Faculty and Staff Development.

ed417123      Trends in Peace Education.

ed417124      Global Education: Internet Resources.

ed417244      Improving School Violence Prevention Programs through Meaningful
ed417501      Reducing the Disproportionate Representation of Minority
                      Students in Special Education.

ed417515      School-Wide Behavioral Management Systems.

ed418247      Part-Time Work and Other Flexible Options.

ed418248      Work Force Education or Literacy Development: Which Road Should
                      Adult Education Take?

ed418249      New Perspectives on Mentoring.

ed418250      Situated Learning in Adult Education.

ed418515      Beginning Reading.

ed418654      Faculty Workload Studies: Perspectives, Needs, and Future

ed418832      Building School-to-Work Systems in Rural America.

ed419029      Recent Changes in School Desegregation.

ed419030      The Challenges of Parent Involvement Research.

ed419031      Parent Engagement as a School Reform Strategy.

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