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1999/02/24 -- List of 31 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
------------  ----------
ed419326      Rights and Responsibilities of Parents of Children with Disabilities.

ed419385      Secondary Newcomer Programs: Helping Recent Immigrants Prepare for School Success.

ed419624      Loneliness in Young Children.

ed419625      Failure Syndrome Students.

ed419631      Grouping Students for Instruction in Middle Schools.

ed419632      Father Involvement in Schools.

ed419772      Teaching World History: The Global Human Experience through Time.

ed419773      Using Primary Sources in the Primary Grades.

ed420092      School Productivity.

ed420242      Assessing Faculty Publication Productivity: Issues of Equity.

ed420244      Proclaiming and Sustaining Excellence: Assessment as a Faculty Role.

ed420302      The Benefits of Information Technology.

ed420303      Internet Resources for K-8 Students.

ed420304      Tools for Automating Instructional Design.

ed420305      An Introduction to Internet Resources for K-12 Educators. Part I: Information Resources, Update 1998.

ed420306      An Introduction to Internet Resources for K-12 Educators. Part II: Question Answering, Listservs, Discussion Groups, Update 1998.

ed420307      E-rate: A Resource Guide for Educators.

ed420726      Enhancing the Communication Skills of Newly-Arrived Asian American Students.

ed420897      Creating a Learning Organization.

ed421178      Information Literacy: Search Strategies, Tools & Resources.

ed421179      Forces Motivating Institutional Reform.

ed421180      Using Technology in Remedial Education.

ed421181      Responding to Accountability Mandates.

ed421281      Motivation and Middle School Students.

ed421447      A Global Perspective on Human Rights Education.

ed421480      Promoting Stress Management: The Role of Comprehensive School
Health Programs.

ed421481      Service-Learning and Teacher Education.

ed421483      True and Quasi-Experimental Designs.

ed421484      Statewide Assessment Programs: Policies and Practices for the Inclusion of Limited English Proficient Students.

ed421485      Designing Structured Interviews for Educational Research.

ed421486      Herzberg's Theory of Motivation and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

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