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1999/09/12 -- List of 43 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
------------  ----------
ed424590      School-to-Work Transition in Language Arts Classrooms: School-Based Learning Approaches and Practices.

ed424591      Gender Issues in Children's Literature.

ed424788      Scheduling Foreign Languages on the Block.

ed424789      Languages across the Curriculum.

ed424790      Developing Language Proficiency and Connecting School Students' Lives: Two Standards for Effective Teaching.

ed424791      Tapping a National Resource: Heritage Languages in the United States.

ed424792      Ten Common Fallacies about Bilingual Education.

ed424884      Managing Organizational Change in the Community College.

ed424893      Promoting Good Health for Community College Students.

ed424898      Multiculturalism in the Community College Curriculum.

ed425046      Homeless Children: Addressing the Challenge in Rural Schools.

ed425047      A Practical Look at Comprehensive School Reform for Rural Schools.

ed425048      Sociodemographic Changes: Promise and Problems for Rural Education.

ed425049      Current Literature on Small Schools.

ed425050      Rural African Americans and Education: The Legacy of the Brown Decision.

ed425051      Outdoor Education and the Development of Civic Responsibility.

ed425248      The Identity Development of Multiracial Youth.

ed425249      The Schooling of Multiracial Students.

ed425250      Success for All: A Summary of Evaluations.

ed425263      Urban After-School Programs: Evaluations and Recommendations.

ed425567      Planning Science Programs for High Ability Learners.

ed425656      In Their Own Words: Two-Way Immersion Teachers Talk about Their Professional Experiences.

ed425657      Meeting the National Standards: Now What Do I Do?

ed425658      Reading with a Purpose: Communicative Reading Tasks for the Foreign Language Classroom.

ed425743      Internet Relay Chat.

ed425786      Integration of Academic and Occupational Education in Community/Technical Colleges.

ed425866      Child Care Consumer Education on the Internet.

ed425892      Assessing LEP Migrant Students for Special Education Services.

ed425895      Schools, Principals, and Teachers Serving American Indian and Alaska Native Students.

ed425896      Charter Schools: An Approach for Rural Education?

ed426056      Guide to the National Partnership for Excellence and Accountability in Teaching (NPEAT).

ed426057      "I Already Have a Bachelor's Degree, How Can I Obtain a Teaching License?"

ed426114      Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Student Evaluation of Faculty: Galloping Polls in the 21st Century.

ed426409      Gender Issues in the Language Arts Classroom.

ed426440      Guidelines for Evaluating Web Sites.

ed426517      Integrating Assistive Technology into the Standard Curriculum.

ed426693      Radios in the Classroom: Curriculum Integration and Communication Skills.

ed426818      Language and Literacy Environments in Preschools.

ed426819      Adopted Children in the Early Childhood Classroom.

ed426826      The Foxfire Approach to Teaching and Learning: John Dewey, Experiential Learning, and the Core Practices.

ed426985      Good or Bad, What Teachers Expect from Students They Generally Get!

ed426986      Constructivism in Teacher Education: Considerations for Those Who Would Link Practice to Theory.

ed427093      Urban School-Community Parent Programs To Prevent Drug Use.

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