2000/5/18 -- List of 35 ERIC Digests

Document Name Document Title 

ED430172  Play Therapy. ERIC Digest. 

ED430320  Performance Contracts for Administrators. ERIC Digest, Number 127. 

ED430325  An Overview of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997 (P.L. 105-17). ERIC Digest. 

ED430344  Dual Exceptionalities. ERIC Digest E574. 

ED430512  Learning Communities. ERIC Digest. 

ED430513  Enacting Diverse Learning Environments: Improving the Climate for Racial/Ethnic Diversity in Higher Education. ERIC Digest. 

ED430564  Evaluating Online Educational Materials for Use in Instruction. ERIC Digest. 

ED430584  Using the Web To Access Online Education Periodicals. ERIC Digest. 

ED430627  Facilitating Transfer for First-Generation Community College Students. ERIC Digest. 

ED430735  Another Look at What Young Children Should Be Learning. ERIC Digest. 

ED430907  Service, Social Studies, and Citizenship: Connections for the New Century. ERIC Digest. 

ED431063  Family Literacy Strategies To Support Children's Learning. ERIC Digest Number 144. 

ED431064  Building on Existing Strengths To Increase Family Literacy. ERIC Digest Number 145. 

ED431247  Including Students with Disabilities in Large-Scale Testing: Emerging Practices. ERIC/OSEP Digest E564. 

ED431546  Selecting Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Materials: Suggestions for Service Providers. ERIC Digest. 

ED431555  Easing the Teasing: How Parents Can Help Their Children. ERIC Digest. 

ED431706  Civic Writing in Education for Democratic Citizenship. ERIC Digest. 

ED431819  Strategies for Improving the Process of Educational Assessment. ERIC/AE Digest. 

ED432408  Participacion de los padres en las escuelas (Father Involvement in Schools). ERIC Digest. 

ED432409  Su cumpleanos es en el verano: El dilema de la edad de entrada al jardin pre-escolar (He Has a Summer Birthday: The Kindergarten Entrance Age Dilemma). ERIC Digest. 

ED432410  Motivacion y estudiantes de secundaria (Motivation and Middle School Students). ERIC Digest. 

ED432411  Helping Middle School Students Make the Transition into High School. ERIC Digest. 

ED432438  Tropical Rainforest Education. ERIC Digest. 

ED432439  The Mathematics and Reading Connection. ERIC Digest. 

ED432440  Attending to Learning Styles in Mathematics and Science Classrooms. ERIC Digest. 

ED432441  Block Scheduling: Structuring Time To Achieve National Standards in Mathematics and Science. ERIC Digest. 

ED432443  Teaching about Societal Issues in Science Classrooms. ERIC Digest. 

ED432444  Science Fairs in Elementary School. ERIC Digest. 

ED432445  A Science Teacher's Guide to TIMSS. ERIC Digest. 

ED432447  Helping Your Child with Science. ERIC Digest. 

ED432454  Helping Students with Homework in Science and Math. ERIC Digest. 

ED432455  A Science Fair Companion. ERIC Digest

ED432456  Science in the Home School. ERIC Digest. 

ED432532  The Concept of Citizenship in Education for Democracy. ERIC Digest. 

ED432630  Family Math for Urban Students and Parents. ERIC/CUE Digest, Number 146. 

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