2000/5/19 -- List of 49 ERIC Digests

Document Name Document Title 

ED432775  Online Resources for Parent/Family Involvement. ERIC Digest.  

ED432938  The Art and Science of Classroom Assessment: The Missing Part of Pedagogy. ERIC Digest.  

ED432939  Enrollment Management for the 21st Century: Delivering Institutional Goals, Accountability and Fiscal Responsibility. ERIC Digest.  

ED432940  Collaboration: Student Affairs and Academic Affairs Working Together To Promote Student Learning. ERIC Digest.  

ED433076  Measuring the Economic Benefits of Community College Attendance Using Community College, Unemployment Insurance, and State Agency Data. ERIC Digest.  

ED433077  Shared Governance in Community Colleges. ERIC Digest.  

ED433172  Responding to Undocumented Children in the Schools. ERIC Digest.  

ED433183  Graphing Calculators in the Mathematics Classroom. ERIC Digest.  

ED433184  Curricula for Teaching about Fractions. ERIC Digest.  

ED433185  Science Classrooms for Students with Special Needs. ERIC Digest.  

ED433189  Information Sources for Environmental Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED433190  Information Sources for Mathematics Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED433191  Information Sources for Science Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED433192  Technology in Mathematics Education: Internet Resources. ERIC Digest.  

ED433193  Guidelines for College Science Teaching Assistants. ERIC Digest.  

ED433194  Education for Environmental Sustainability. ERIC Digest.  

ED433195  Choosing Instructional Materials for Environmental Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED433196  Helping Your Child Learn Math. ERIC Digest.  

ED433197  Teaching about Biodiversity. ERIC Digest.  

ED433216  Minorities in Science and Math. ERIC Digest.  

ED433217  Should Students Be Tracked in Math or Science? ERIC Digest.  

ED433218  Using the Internet To Enrich Science Teaching and Learning. ERIC Digest.  

ED433219  Resources for Teaching and Learning about Probability and Statistics. ERIC Digest.  

ED433299  The Election of 1800: Teaching about a Critical Moment in the History of American Constitutional Democracy. ERIC Digest.  

ED433668  An Overview of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997 (P.L. 105-17): Update 1999. ERIC Digest E576.  

ED433669  Learning Strategies. ERIC/OSEP Digest E577.  

ED433696  Spanish for Native Speakers: Developing Dual Language Proficiency. ERIC Digest.  

ED433697  Two or More Languages in Early Childhood: Some General Points and Practical Recommendations. ERIC Digest.  

ED433729  Reading and the Adult English Language Learner. ERIC Digest.  

ED433870  Preparing Department Chairs for Their Leadership Roles. ERIC Digest.  

ED433871  Reverse Transfers in the Community College. Eric Digest.  

ED433965  Parent-Teacher Conferences: Suggestions for Parents. ERIC Digest.  

ED434188  Family Diversity in Urban Schools. ERIC/CUE Digest, Number 148.  

ED434189  School Support for Foster Families. ERIC/CUE Digest, Number 147.  

ED434244  One-Stop Career Centers. ERIC Digest No. 208.  

ED434245  New Directions for Cooperative Education. ERIC Digest No. 209.  

ED434246  Culturally Sensitive Career Assessment: A Quandary. ERIC Digest No. 210.  

ED434247  Worker-Centered Learning: Labor's Role. ERIC Digest No. 211.  

ED434248  Vocational Certificates and College Degrees. ERIC Digest No. 212. 

ED434331  Helping the Underachiever in Reading. ERIC Digest.  

ED434381  Holding Schools Accountable for Achievement. ERIC Digest, Number 130.  

ED434401  School-Based Budgeting. ERIC Digest Number 131.  

ED434434  New IDEA '97 Requirements: Factors To Consider in Developing an IEP. ERIC Digest E578.  

ED434435  Student Groupings for Reading Instruction. ERIC/OSEP Digest E579.  

ED434436  Early Transitions for Children and Families: Transitions from Infant/Toddler Services to Preschool Education. ERIC Digest E581.  

ED434437  Positive Behavior Support and Functional Assessment. ERIC/OSEP Digest E580.  

ED434465  How To Use ERIC To Search Your Special Education Topic: Update 1999. ERIC Digest E573.  

ED434539  Using Videos with Adult English Language Learners. ERIC Digest.  

ED434802  Portfolio Assessment in Mathematics Education. ERIC Digest.  

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