2000-4 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
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ED437766  Rights and Responsibilities of Parents of Children with Disabilities: Update 1999. ERIC Digest #E575.  

ED437767  Curriculum Access and Universal Design for Learning. ERIC/OSEP Digest #E586.  

ED437941  XML: A Language To Manage the World Wide Web. ERIC Digest. 

ED438010  Computer Literacy for Community College Students. ERIC Digest.  

ED438011  A Review of Community College Curriculum Trends. ERIC Digest.  

ED438147  The School-within-a-School Model. ERIC Digest.  

ED438148  Postsecondary Financial Aid for American Indians and Alaska Natives. ERIC Digest. 

ED438149  Cultural Resources for Mexican American Education. ERIC Digest. 

ED438150  Promoting Reading among Mexican American Children. ERIC Digest. 

ED438151  Multicultural Issues in Outdoor Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED438152  Attracting and Retaining Teachers in Rural Areas. ERIC Digest.  

ED438153  Improving Rural School Facilities for Teaching and Learning. ERIC Digest.  

ED438154  Education and Development in Poor Rural Communities: An Interdisciplinary Research Agenda. ERIC Digest.  

ED438155  Teaching American Indian and Alaska Native Languages in the Schools: What Has Been Learned. ERIC Digest.  

ED438244  The National Assessment of Educational Progress in Civics. ERIC Digest.  

ED438338  Implementing Distance Learning in Urban Schools. ERIC/CUE Digest, Number 150.  

ED438339  Supporting Students with Asthma. ERIC/CUE Digest, Number 151.  

ED438593  Becoming a Technologically Savvy Administrator. ERIC Digest Number 135.  

ED438636  Paraeducators: Factors That Influence Their Performance, Development, and Supervision. ERIC Digest E587.  

ED438662  The Link between Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBAs) and Behavioral Intervention Plans (BIPs). ERIC Digest E592.  

ED438663  The Implications of Culture on Developmental Delay. ERIC Digest E589.  

ED438671  Early Childhood Instruction in the Natural Environment. ERIC/OSEP Digest E591.  

ED438807  The Field of Educational Technology: Update 2000. A Dozen Frequently Asked Questions. ERIC Digest.  

ED438808  An Introduction to Internet Resources for K-12 Educators. Part II: Question Answering, Electronic Discussion Groups, Newsgroups, Update 2000. ERIC Digest.  

ED438873  Gateways to Democracy: Six Urban Community College Systems. ERIC Digest.  

ED438874  Community College Adult Literacy Programs: Moving toward Collaboration. ERIC Digest.  

ED438926  Computers and Young Children. ERIC Digest.  

ED438927  Manejando las burlas: Como los padres pueden ayudar a sus hijos (Easing the Teasing: How Parents Can Help Their Children). ERIC Digest.  

ED438928  Otra perspectiva sobre lo que los ninos deben estar aprendiendo (Another Look at What Young Children Should Be Learning). ERIC Digest.  

ED438929  Conferencias de padres-educadores: Sugerencias para los padres (Parent-Teacher Conferences: Suggestions for Parents). ERIC Digest.  

ED438946  Seleccionando materiales adecuados cultural y linguisticamente: Sugerencias para los proveedores de servicios (Selecting Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Materials: Suggestions for Service Providers). ERIC Digest.  

ED439087  Teaching Primary School Children about Japan through Art. ERIC Digest.

ED439185  The Biculturation of the Vietnamese Student. ERIC/CUE Digest Number 152.  

ED439186  School Practices To Promote the Achievement of Hispanic Students. ERIC/CUE Digest Number 153. 

ED439532  Teaching Expressive Writing to Students with Learning Disabilities. ERIC/OSEP Digest E590.  

ED439577  Planning Student-Directed Transitions to Adult Life. ERIC/OSEP Digest E593.  

ED439625  Mental Health and the Adult Refugee: The Role of the ESL Teacher. ERIC Digest.

ED439626  Poetry in the Adult ESL Classroom. ERIC Digest. 

ED439628  Native Language Literacy and Adult ESL Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED439703  Internet Resources for K-8 Students: Update 2000. ERIC Digest. 

ED440049  Incorporating Student Voice into Teaching Practice. ERIC Digest.

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