2001/6/19 -- List of 85 ERIC Digests

Document Name Document Title 

ED446252  Change: Connections to Adult Learning and Education. ERIC Digest No. 221. 

ED446324 The 70% Solution: Meeting the Need for High Skills. ERIC/CASS Digest.

ED446325  Technology-Delivered Assessment: Diamonds or Rocks? ERIC/CASS Digest. 

ED446326  Ethics and Regulations of Cybercounseling. ERIC/CASS Digest.

ED446327  Technology-Delivered Assessment: Guidelines for Educators Traveling the Technology Highway. ERIC/CASS Digest. 

ED446328  Transition of Career Development University Courses to Electronic Formats. ERIC/CASS Digest. 

ED446329  Understanding the Implications of Distance Learning for Accreditation and Licensure of Counselor Preparation Programs. ERIC/CASS Digest. 

ED446330  Online Support Groups: Nuts and Bolts, Benefits, Limitations and Future Directions. ERIC/CASS Digest. 

ED446331 Coping with Loss and Grief through Online Support Groups. ERIC/CASS Digest.

ED446332  Let's Go Surfing: Use of the Internet for Career Counseling in Schools. ERIC/CASS Digest. 

ED446333  Historical Context: The Relationship of Computer Technologies and Counseling. ERIC/CASS Digest. 

ED446336  Language Development in the Early Years. ERIC Digest D154. 

ED446337  Writing Instruction: Changing Views over the Years. ERIC Digest D155.

ED446338  Writing Instruction: Current Practices in the Classroom. ERIC Digest D156. 

ED446339  Vocabulary's Influence on Successful Writing. ERIC Digest D157. 

ED446340  Hispanic Parental Involvement in Home Literacy. ERIC Digest D158. 

ED446341  Writing Development. ERIC Digest D159.

ED446344  Profiling Students for Violence. ERIC Digest Number 139. 

ED446345  Evaluating the Results of Whole-School Reform. ERIC Digest Number 140. 

ED446346  New Patterns of School Governance. ERIC Digest Number 141.

ED446368  Alternative Teacher Compensation. ERIC Digest Number 142. 

ED446647  Graduate Student Unionization in Higher Education. ERIC Digest.

ED446722  Digital Dilemma: Issues of Access, Cost, and Quality in Media-Enhanced and Distance Education. ERIC Digest. 

ED446723  Women and Minority Faculty in the Academic Workplace: Recruitment, Retention, and Academic Culture. ERIC Digest. 

ED446724  Higher Education outside of the Academy. ERIC Digest.

ED446725  Academic Departments: How They Work, How They Change. ERIC Digest. 

ED446726  Outsourcing in Higher Education. ERIC Digest. 

ED446727  Copyright Concerns in the Age of Distance Education. ERIC Digest. 

ED446769  The Role of the School Library Media Specialist in the 21st Century. ERIC Digest. 

ED446825  Juegos de videos: Investigacion, puntajes y recomendaciones (Video Games: Research, Ratings and Recommendations). ERIC Digest. 

ED446826  Mathematics Standards for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 2. ERIC Digest. 

ED446827  Computadoras y ninos pequenos (Computers and Young Children). ERIC Digest. 

ED447064  Teaching about the U.S. Presidency. ERIC Digest. 

ED447066  Teaching about Japanese-American Internment. ERIC Digest. 

ED447147  Using Expected Growth Size Estimates To Summarize Test Score Changes. ERIC/AE Digest. 

ED447148  The Preliterate Student: A Framework for Developing an Effective Instructional Program. ERIC/AE Digest. 

ED447198  The Advantages of Hierarchical Linear Modeling. ERIC/AE Digest

ED447199  Using Critical Thinking To Conduct Effective Searches of Online Resources. ERIC Digest. 

ED447200  Bayes' Theorem: An Old Tool Applicable to Today's Classroom Measurement Needs. ERIC/AE Digest. 

ED447201  Basic Assessment Concepts for Teachers and School Administrators. ERIC/AE Digest. 

ED447220  Assessments and Accountability. ERIC/AE Digest.

ED447616  Improving Post-School Outcomes for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. ERIC/OSEP Digest E597. 

ED447627  Five Strategies To Reduce Overrepresentation of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in Special Education. ERIC/OSEP Digest #E596.

ED447721  What Elementary Teachers Need To Know about Language. ERIC Digest. 

ED447722  What Early Childhood Teachers Need To Know about Language. ERIC Digest. 

ED447723  Teaching Educators about Language: Principles, Structures, and Challenges. ERIC Digest. 

ED447724  Programs That Prepare Teachers To Work Effectively with Students Learning English. ERIC Digest. 

ED447725  Assessment Portfolios: Including English Language Learners in Large-Scale Assessments. ERIC Digest. 

ED447726  Planning for Success: Common Pitfalls in the Planning of Early Foreign Language Programs. ERIC Digest. 

ED447727  Brain Research: Implications for Second Language Learning. ERIC Digest. 

ED447728  The ESL Standards: Bridging the Academic Gap for English Language Learners. ERIC Digest. 

ED447729  Simulated Oral Proficiency Interviews: Recent Developments. ERIC Digest. 

ED447730  Examining Latino Paraeducators' Interactions with Latino Students. ERIC Digest. 

ED447840  Academic Dishonesty and the Community College. ERIC Digest. 

ED447841  Sexual Minorities on Community College Campuses. ERIC Digest.

ED447842  Strategic Planning for a New Century: Process over Product. ERIC Digest. 

ED447859  English as a Second Language: Program Approaches at Community Colleges. ERIC Digest. 

ED447951  Academic Redshirting and Young Children. ERIC Digest. 

ED447969  Child Care Quality: An Overview for Parents. ERIC Digest.

ED447970  Exploratory Curriculum in the Middle School. ERIC Digest. 

ED447971  Reggio Emilia: Catalyst for Change and Conversation. ERIC Digest. 

ED447990  Mexican Immigrant Youth and Resiliency: Research and Promising Programs. ERIC Digest. 

ED447991  Balance Due: Increasing Financial Resources for Small Rural Schools. ERIC Digest. 

ED448009  Issues in the Education of American Indian and Alaska Native Students with Disabilities. ERIC Digest. 

ED448010  Involving Migrant Families in Education. ERIC Digest. 

ED448011  Therapeutic Uses of Outdoor Education. ERIC Digest.

ED448012  Place-Based Curriculum and Instruction: Outdoor and Environmental Education Approaches. ERIC Digest. 

ED448013  Outdoor Experiences for Young Children. ERIC Digest. 

ED448014  "World-Class Standards" and Local Pedagogies: Can We Do Both? ERIC Digest. 

ED448243  The Technical, Cultural, and Political Factors in College Preparation Programs for Urban and Minority Youth. ERIC Digest Number 158. 

ED448244  Characteristics of Effective Urban College Preparation Programs. ERIC Digest Number 159. 

ED448248  Preventing Student Sexual Harassment. ERIC Digest Number 160. 

ED448290  African Americans and Self-Help Education: The Missing Link in Adult Education. ERIC Digest No. 222.

ED448305  Transformative Learning and the Journey of Individuation. ERIC Digest No. 223. 

ED448783  Internet Resources for Library Media Specialists and Children's Librarians. ERIC Digest. 

ED448935  Multiage Grouping and Academic Achievement. ERIC Digest.

ED448967  Rural Schools and the Workforce Investment Act. ERIC Digest. 

ED448968  Research about School Size and School Performance in Impoverished Communities. ERIC Digest. 

ED449118  Evaluating Technology-Based Curriculum Materials. ERIC Digest. 

ED449119  Out-of-Field Teaching. ERIC Digest.

ED449120  Reflective Practice and Professional Development. ERIC Digest. 

ED449121  School Health Education in a Multicultural Society. ERIC Digest.

ED449123  Teaching in Year-Round Schools. ERIC Digest.

ED449241  Retention and Social Promotion: Research and Implications for Policy. ERIC Digest Number 161. 

ED449288  Latinos in School: Some Facts and Findings. ERIC Digest Number 162.

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