2001/9/17 -- List of 28 ERIC Digests

Document Name Document Title 

ED449549  Safer Schools through Environmental Design. ERIC Digest Number 144. 

ED449550  Newer Technologies for School Security. ERIC Digest Number 145. 

ED449596  Strategic Processing of Text: Improving Reading Comprehension of Students with Learning Disabilities. ERIC/OSEP Digest #599. 

ED449599  Designing Individualized Education Program (IEP) Transition Plans. ERIC Digest #E598. 

ED449632  Youth Aggression and Violence: Risk, Resilience, and Prevention. ERIC Digest #E602. 

ED449633  The Warning Signs of Learning Disabilities. ERIC Digest #E603. 

ED449634  The Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP). ERIC Digest #E605. 

ED449635  Infusing Multicultural Content into the Curriculum for Gifted Students. ERIC Digest #E601. 

ED449636  Creating Useful Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). ERIC Digest #E600. 

ED449637  Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students for Special Education Eligibility. ERIC Digest #E604. 

ED450062  Teaching about the U.S. Congress. ERIC Digest. 

ED450069  Violence in Audio-Visual Media: How Educators Can Respond. ERIC Digest. 

ED450814  Library Funding. ERIC Digest. 

ED450953  Assessing Young Children's Social Competence. ERIC Digest. 

ED451277  Practitioner Assessment of Conflict Resolution Programs. ERIC Digest Number 163. 

ED451579  Zero Tolerance Polices. ERIC Digest Number 146. 

ED451663  Cluster Grouping of Gifted Students: How To Provide Full-Time Services on a Part-Time Budget. ERIC Digest E607. 

ED451733  Reflective Teaching Practice in Adult ESL Settings. ERIC Digest. 

ED451759  Why Do Students Borrow So Much? Recent National Trends in Student Loan Debt. ERIC Digest. 

ED451760  The Changing Nature of the Academic Deanship. ERIC Digest. 

ED451841  Facilitating Responsibility for Learning in Adult Community College Students. ERIC Digest. 

ED451855  International Students at Community Colleges. ERIC Digest. 

ED451856  Successful Collaborations between High Schools and Community Colleges. ERIC Digest. 

ED451857  Service Learning Programs on Community College Campuses. ERIC Digest. 

ED451858  Learning the Culture and Language of the Media. ERIC Digest. 

ED451859  Minority Student Retention and Academic Achievement in Community Colleges. ERIC Digests. 

ED451860  Adult Women in Community Colleges. ERIC Digest. 

ED452142  Civic Knowledge and Engagement at Age 14 in 28 Countries: Results from the IEA Civic Education Study. ERIC Digest. 

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