2002/1/5 -- List of 19 ERIC Digests

Document Name Document Title 

ED452365  Financial Aid for Lifelong Learning. ERIC Digest No. 224. 

ED452366  Leadership Development in Career and Technical Education. ERIC Digest No. 225. 

ED452367  Women and Minorities in High-Tech Careers. ERIC Digest No. 226. 

ED452368  Implications of Distance Education for CTE. ERIC Digest No. 227. 

ED452369  Career Development of Free Agent Workers. ERIC Digest No. 228. 

ED452578  How Schools Allocate and Use Their Resources. ERIC Digest Number 143. 

ED452627  Overview of ADA, IDEA, and Section 504: Update 2001. ERIC Digest E606. 

ED452628  Five Homework Strategies for Teaching Students with Disabilities. 
ERIC/OSEP Digest E608. 

ED452739  Two-Way Immersion Programs: Features and Statistics. ERIC Digest. 

ED453151  The Seneca Falls Convention: Teaching about the Rights of Women and the Heritage of the Declaration of Independence. ERIC Digest. 

ED453982  Recent Research on All-Day Kindergarten. ERIC Digest. 

ED454565  Implementing Whole-School Reform. ERIC Digest Number 128. 

ED454566  Equity and Adequacy in Educational Finance. ERIC Digest Number 129. 

ED454567  Retaining Principals. ERIC Digest Number 147. 

ED454568  Uniforms and Dress-Code Policies. ERIC Digest Number 148. 

ED455186  Using Historical Statistics To Teach about World War II. ERIC Digest. 

ED455341  Gender Differences in Educational Achievement within Racial and Ethnic Groups. ERIC Digest Number 164. 

ED455342  School Choice as Education Reform: What Do We Know? ERIC Digest Number 165. 

ED455343  School Practices for Equitable Discipline of African American Students. ERIC Digest Number 166. 

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