2002/3/27 -- List of 63 ERIC Digests

Document Name Document Title 

ED455656  Public Charter Schools and Students with Disabilities. ERIC Digest E609.  

ED455657  Talent Development in Gifted Education. ERIC Digest E610.  

ED455658 Involving Parents in the IEP Process. ERIC Digest E611.

ED455659  Creative Strategies for Teaching Language Arts to Gifted Students (K-8). ERIC Digest E612.  

ED455660  Conditions of Teaching Children with Exceptional Learning Needs: The Bright Futures Report. ERIC Digest E613.  

ED455698  Lexical Approach to Second Language Teaching. ERIC Digest.  

ED455901  Learning Assistance Centers: Helping Students Through. ERIC Digest.  

ED455902  Multicultural Strategies for Community Colleges: Expanding Faculty Diversity. ERIC Digest.  

ED455903  Grants Management at Community Colleges. ERIC Digest.  

ED455972  Working with Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Families. ERIC Digest. 

ED455973  Perspectives on Charter Schools: A Review for Parents. ERIC Digest.  

ED455974  Evaluando la competencia social en los ninos (Assessing Young Children's Social Competence). ERIC Digest.  

ED455975  Focus on After-School Time for Violence Prevention. ERIC Digest.  

ED456088  Teaching about the United States Supreme Court. ERIC Digest.  

ED456425  A Review of State Reading and Language Arts Standards. ERIC Digest. 

ED456456  Online Resources for K-12 Teachers: Language and Literacy Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED456670  Integrated Skills in the ESL/EFL Classroom. ERIC Digest.  

ED456671  What We Can Learn from Foreign Language Teaching in Other Countries. ERIC Digest.  

ED456672  Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers. ERIC Digest.  

ED456673  Implementing a District-Wide Foreign Language Program: A Case Study of Acquisition, Planning, and Curricular Innovation. ERIC Digest.  

ED456674  Teaching about Dialects. ERIC Digest.  

ED456841  Competencies for Online Teaching. ERIC Digest.  

ED456861  Proof of the Power: Recent Research on the Impact of School Library Media Programs on the Academic Achievement of U.S. Public School Students. ERIC Digest.  

ED456862  Libraries in Today's Digital Age: The Copyright Controversy. ERIC Digest.  

ED456863  Uncovering the Hidden Web, Part I: Finding What the Search Engines Don't. ERIC Digest.  

ED456864  Uncovering the Hidden Web, Part II: Resources for Your Classroom. ERIC Digest.  

ED456865  The National Science Foundation's Massive Digital Library for Education: Opportunities and Challenges for Teachers and Librarians. ERIC Digest.  

ED456869  Trends and Issues in Transfer. ERIC Digest.  

ED457106  Teaching Students To Discuss Controversial Public Issues. ERIC Digest.  

ED457521  Parent Support of Early Literacy Development. ERIC Digest.  

ED457524  Learning To Learn: Preparing Teachers and Students for Problem-Based Learning. ERIC Digest.  

ED457525  Children's Literature in a Time of National Tragedy. ERIC Digest.  

ED457534  Online Resources for Theatre Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED457535  Principal Mentoring. ERIC Digest.  

ED457536  Educational Indicators. ERIC Digest.  

ED457539  Homeschooling. ERIC Digest.  

ED457598  Incentives for Accountability. ERIC Digest.  

ED457633  Cultural Reciprocity Aids Collaboration with Families. ERIC/OSEP Digest.  

ED457762  The U.S. Department of Education and Student Financial Aid for Distance Education: An Update. ERIC Digest.  

ED457763  Understanding and Facilitating Change in Higher Education in the 21st Century. ERIC Digest.  

ED457858  Successful K-12 Technology Planning: Ten Essential Elements. ERIC Digest.  

ED457869  Trends and Issues in Digital Reference Services. ERIC Digest. 

ED457870  Small Public Libraries Can Serve Big. ERIC Digest.  

ED458010  Academic Effects of After-School Programs. ERIC Digest.  

ED458045  Pretend Play and Young Children's Development. ERIC Digest.  

ED458046  Recent Evidence on Preschool Programs. ERIC Digest.  

ED458047  Enfoque en las horas despues del dia en escuela para la prevencion de violencia (Focus on After-School Time for Violence Prevention). ERIC Digest.  

ED458048  Reggio Emilia: impulsor del dialogo y del cambio (Reggio Emilia: Catalyst for Change and Conversation). ERIC Digest.  

ED458062  Career and Academic Guidance for American Indian and Alaska Native Youth. ERIC Digest.  

ED458161  Civic Knowledge, Attitudes, and Experiences of Ninth Graders in the United States: Results from the IEA Civic Education Study. ERIC Digest.  

ED458185  Japanese Education in Grades K-12. ERIC Digest.  

ED458186  Developing Political Tolerance. ERIC Digest.  

ED458213  Reliability. ERIC Digest.  

ED458214  The Debate over National Testing. ERIC Digest.  

ED458215  State Standards, Assessments and Instruction. ERIC Digest.  

ED458216  Self-Reported GPA and SAT Scores. ERIC Digest.  

ED458217  Replication in Field Research. ERIC Digest.  

ED458218  An Introduction to Content Analysis. ERIC Digest.  

ED458288  Alignment of Standards and Assessments as an Accountability Criterion. ERIC Digest.  

ED458289  Test Accommodations for LEP Students. ERIC Digest.  

ED458290  An Overview of Three Approaches to Scoring Written Essays by Computer. ERIC Digest.  

ED458291  Conducting Web-Based Surveys. ERIC Digest.  

ED458344  Strategies for Improving the Educational Outcomes of Latinas. ERIC Digest.  

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