2003/1/15 -- List of 42 ERIC Digests

Document Name Document Title 

ED463563  Preventing Bullying. ERIC Digest.  

ED463595  Assistive Technology for Students with Mild Disabilities: Update 2002. ERIC Digest.  

ED463622  Helping Students with Disabilities Succeed in State and District Writing Assessments. ERIC/OSEP Digest.  

ED463659  The Role of Metacognition in Second Language Teaching and Learning. ERIC Digest.  

ED463944  Action Research in Science Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED463945  Visual Literacy and Learning in Science. ERIC Digest.

ED463946  Poetry and Science Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED463947  Curriculum and Assessment in an Age of Computer Algebra Systems. ERIC Digest.  

ED463948  TIMSS: What Have We Learned about Math and Science Teaching? ERIC Digest.  

ED463949  High School Biology Textbooks Do Not Meet National Standards. ERIC Digest.  

ED463950  Studying Watersheds: A Confluence of Important Ideas. ERIC Digest.  

ED463951  Using Spreadsheets in Mathematics Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED463952  Improving Student Achievement in Mathematics, Part 1: Research Findings. ERIC Digest.  

ED463953  Improving Student Achievement in Mathematics, Part 2: Recommendations for the Classroom. ERIC Digest.  

ED464010  History Textbook Controversies in Japan. ERIC Digest.  

ED464023  Youth Courts in Law-Related Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED464395  Engaging the Community To Support Student Achievement. ERIC Digest.  

ED464514 Impact of Two-Way Immersion on Students' Attitudes toward School and College. ERIC Digest.

ED464515  Tapping a National Resource: Heritage Languages in the United States. ERIC Digest.  

ED464516  Selecting Materials To Teach Spanish to Spanish Speakers. ERIC Digest.  

ED464520  Knowledge Management for Higher Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED464521  Organizational Culture and Institutional Transformation. ERIC Digest.  

ED464522  Faculty Compensation Systems: Impact on the Quality of Higher 
Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED464523  Current Challenges of International Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED464524  Strategies for Educating the Adult Black Male in College. ERIC Digest. 

ED464525  Distance Education and Accreditation. ERIC Digest.  

ED464804  The Graphing Skills of Students in Mathematics and Science Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED464805  Science Instruction for Students withVisual Impairments. ERIC Digest.  

ED464807  Literature-Based Mathematics in Elementary School. ERIC Digest.  

ED464892  Teaching about Federalism in the United States. ERIC Digest.  

ED465194  Commercialism in Schools. ERIC Digest.  

ED465213  P-16 Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED465375  Information Literacy Instruction in Higher Education: Trends and Issues. ERIC Digest.  

ED465376  Knowledge Management in Instructional Design. ERIC Digest.  

ED465377  Learning and Teaching Information Technology--Computer Skills in Context. ERIC Digest.  

ED465379  Advancing Your Library's Web-Based Services. ERIC Digest.  

ED465495  Enriching the Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers. ERIC Digest.  

ED465504  Resources for Teaching and Learning about Exotic Species. ERIC Digest.  

ED465543  Cultivating Leadership among Science and Mathematics Teachers. ERIC Digest.  

ED465544  The State of State Proficiency Testing in Science. ERIC Digest.  

ED465545  Teaching Science through Inquiry with Archived Data. ERIC Digest.  

ED465707  The 2001 NAEP in U.S. History. ERIC Digest.  

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