2003/3/26 -- List of 34 ERIC Digests

Document Name Document Title 

ED465945  Self-Mutilation. ERIC/CASS Digest. 

ED466007  School Calendars. ERIC Digest

ED466023  Developing Instructional Leaders. ERIC Digest. 

ED466105  Access & Persistence: Findings from 10 Years of Longitudinal Research on Students. ERIC Digest. 

ED466106  Credit Card Usage and Debt among College and University Students. ERIC Digest. 

ED466314  Student Mobility and Academic Achievement. ERIC Digest

ED466326  Helping Parents Prevent Lead Poisoning. ERIC Digest. 

ED466327  La inclusion en los grados intermedios (Inclusion in Middle Schools). ERIC Digest. 

ED466328  La agrupacion de edades multiples y el logro academico (Multiage Grouping and Academic Achievement). ERIC Digest. 

ED466331  Recess in Elementary School: What Does the Research Say? ERIC Digest. 

ED466351  Learning about the Human Genome. Part 1: Challenge to Science Educators. ERIC Digest. 

ED466352  Learning about the Human Genome. Part 2: Resources for Science Educators. ERIC Digest. 

ED466353  State Proficiency Testing in Mathematics. ERIC Digest. 

ED466442  Law-Related Education and Delinquency Prevention. ERIC Digest. 

ED467111  City and State Takeover as a School Reform Strategy. ERIC Digest. 

ED467112  Constitutional Law and Race-Conscious Policies in K-12 Education. ERIC Digest. 

ED467237  Gold-Collar Workers. ERIC Digest. 

ED467238  CTE Student Organizations. ERIC Digest. 

ED467239  Adult Learning in and through the Arts. ERIC Digest. 

ED467240  Career Development for Meaningful Life Work. ERIC Digest. 

ED467241  Career Passports, Portfolios, and Certificates. ERIC Digest. 

ED467383  Teaching Historical Thinking. ERIC Digest. 

ED467564  El juego de aparentar y el desarrollo de los ninos pequenos (Pretend Play and Young Children's Development). ERIC Digest. 

ED467565  Los estudiantes que se mudan de escuela y el logro academico (Student Mobility and Academic Achievement). ERIC Digest. 

ED467566  Como ayudar a los padres a prevenir el envenenamiento por plomo (Helping Parents Prevent Lead Poisoning). ERIC Digest. 

ED467567  El recreo en la escuela primaria: Que indica la investigacion? (Recess in Elementary School: What Does the Research Say?) ERIC Digest. 

ED467687  Helping Underachieving Boys Read Well and Often. ERIC Digest. 

ED467688  Data-Driven Equity in Urban Schools. ERIC Digest. 

ED467689  Literacy Education after High School. ERIC Digest. 

ED467713  Outdoor, Experiential, and Environmental Education: Converging or Diverging Approaches? ERIC Digest. 

ED467714  The (Limited) Evidence Regarding Effects of Grade-Span Configurations on Academic Achievement: What Rural Educators Should Know. ERIC Digest. 

ED467847  Tribal Colleges: An Overview. ERIC Digest. 

ED467848  China's Vocational Universities. ERIC Digest. 

ED467855  Women and Minorities in the Science, Mathematics and Engineering Pipeline. ERIC Digest. 

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