2003/6/18 -- List of 85 ERIC Digests

Document Name Document Title 

ED467981  The Economic Outcomes of Community College Attendance. ERIC Digest.  

ED467982  The Business of Vocational Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED467983  Trends in Community College Financing: Challenges of the Past, Present, and Future. ERIC Digest.  

ED467984  Serving Students with Disabilities at the Community College. ERIC Digest.  

ED467985  Welfare-to-Work Programs: Strategies for Success. ERIC Digest.  

ED467986  Teacher Education at the Community College: Partnership and Collaboration. ERIC Digest.  

ED468000  Theoretical Perspectives, Research Findings, and Classroom Implications of the Learning Styles of American Indian and Alaska Native Students. ERIC Digest.  

ED468194  Using Call-and-Response To Facilitate Language Mastery and Literacy Acquisition among African American Students. ERIC Digest.  

ED468515  The Superintendent in an Age of Accountability. ERIC Digest.  

ED468565  Instructional Models for Early Childhood Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED468579  Helping Students with Disabilities Participate in Standards-Based Mathematics Curriculum. ERIC/OSEP Digest.  

ED468580  Developing Social Competence for All Students. ERIC/OSEP Digest.  

ED468593  The 2001 National Assessment of Educational Progress in Geography. ERIC Digest.  

ED468633  Manejo de riesgo (Risk Management). ERIC Digest.  

ED468634  Liderazgo para la cultura escolar (Leadership for School Culture). ERIC Digest.  

ED468635  Prevencion de la violencia en las escuelas (School Violence Prevention). ERIC Digest.  

ED468636  Las estrategias de un lider (The Strategies of a Leader). ERIC Digest.  

ED468637  Pueden las reducciones no afectar la viabilidad de los programas escolares? (Can Cutbacks Leave School Programs Viable?). ERIC Digest.  

ED468638  Liderazgo etico (Ethical Leadership). ERIC Digest.  

ED468639  Los limites de las decisiones compartidas (The Limits of Shared Decision-Making). ERIC Digest.  

ED468640  Mejora de la escuela mediante informacion (Data-Driven School Improvement). ERIC Digest.  

ED468641  Liderazgo visionario (Visionary Leadership). ERIC Digest.  

ED468642  Los colegios como comunidades (Schools as Communities). ERIC Digest.  

ED468643  Errores que cometen los lideres educacionales (Mistakes Educational Leaders Make). ERIC Digest.  

ED468644  Ausencia estudiantil sin permiso (Student Truancy). ERIC Digest.  

ED468727  Ensuring Quality and Productivity in Higher Education: An Analysis of Assessment Practices. ERIC Digest.  

ED468728  College Rankings. ERIC Digest.  

ED469207  English Language Learners With Special Needs: Effective Instructional Strategies. ERIC Digest.  

ED469208  Heritage Spanish Speakers' Language Learning Strategies. ERIC Digest

ED469209  Spanish for Spanish Speakers: Developing Dual Language Proficiency. ERIC Digest.  

ED469279  Applying Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques to Social Skills Instruction. ERIC/OSEP Digest.  

ED469301  Evaluacion entre colegas profesores (Peer Review of Teachers). ERIC Digest.  

ED469302  Contratos de rendimiento para administradores (Performance Contracts for Administrators). ERIC Digest.  

ED469303  Igualdad y suficiencia en las finanzas de la educacion (Equity and Adequacy in Educational Finance). ERIC Digest.  

ED469304  Haciendo que los colegios se hagan responsables por el logro (Holding Schools Accountable for Achievement). ERIC Digest.  

ED469305  Asignacion presupuestaria determinada en los colegios (School-Based Budgeting). ERIC Digest.  

ED469306  Los fundamentos de la seguridad escolar (The Fundamentals of School Security). ERIC Digest.  

ED469307  Buscando un director (Conducting a Principal Search). ERIC Digest.  

ED469308  Abuso sexual por parte de los empleados del colegio (Sexual Misconduct by School Employees). ERIC Digest.  

ED469309  Para llegar a ser un administrador tecnologicamente competente (Becoming a Technologically Savvy Administrator). ERIC Digest.  

ED469310  Capitalizando en los cursos pequenos (Capitalizing on Small Class Size). ERIC Digest.  

ED469311  Cupones educacionales (Educational Vouchers). ERIC Digest.  

ED469312  Estandares: El medio ambiente de las politicas (Standards: The Policy Environment). ERIC Digest.  

ED469313  Perfilando a los estudiantes en relacion con la violencia (Profiling Students for Violence). ERIC Digest.  

ED469314  Evaluando los resultados de la reforma escolar total (Evaluating the Results of Whole-School Reform). ERIC Digest.  

ED469315  Nuevos patrones en el gobierno de los colegios (New Patterns of School Governance). ERIC Digest.  

ED469316  Remuneracion alternativa para los profesores (Alternative Teacher Compensation). ERIC Digest.  

ED469317  Como los colegios asignan y utilizan sus recursos? (How Schools Allocate and Use Their Resources). ERIC Digest.  

ED469318  Colegios mas seguros a traves del diseno del medioambiente (Safer Schools through Environmental Design). ERIC Digest.  

ED469319  Tecnologias mas nuevas para la seguridad escolar (Newer Technologies for School Security). ERIC Digest.  

ED469320  Politicas de tolerancia cero (Zero Tolerance Policies). ERIC Digest.  

ED469321  Reteniendo los directores (Retaining Principals). ERIC Digest.  

ED469322  Politicas de uniformes y codigos de vestuario (Uniforms and Dress-Code Policies). ERIC Digest.  

ED469323  Consejeria de los directores (Principal Mentoring). ERIC Digest.  

ED469324  Indicadores educacionales (Educational Indicators). ERIC Digest.  

ED469355  Bereavement Management and Counseling at the University Level. ERIC/CASS Digest.  

ED469441  Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention for Students with Disabilities: A Call to Educators. ERIC Digest.  

ED469442  The Least Restrictive Environment Mandate: How Has It Been Defined by the Courts? ERIC Digest.  

ED469447  Institutionalizing a Broader View of Scholarship through Boyer's Four Domains. ERIC Digest.  

ED469925  Literature Circles. ERIC Digest.  

ED469926  Dramatic Activities in Language Arts Classrooms: Resource Summary. ERIC Digest.  

ED469927  Recent Reading Initiatives: Examples of National, State, and Professional Organizations' Efforts. ERIC Digest.  

ED469928  Online Resources for Teaching Shakespeare. ERIC Digest.  

ED469929  Character Education through Children's Literature. ERIC Digest.  

ED469930  Adolescent Literacy and Content Area Reading. ERIC Digest.  

ED469970  Using Cognitive Strategies To Develop English Language and Literacy. ERIC Digest.  

ED470032  How People Learn (and What Technology Might Have To Do with It). ERIC Digest.  

ED470033  Acquiring and Managing Electronic Journals. ERIC Digest. 

ED470034  Why Should Principals Support School Libraries? ERIC Digest.  

ED470035  Format Proliferation in Public Libraries. ERIC Digest.  

ED470036  Self-Determination and the Education of Students with Disabilities. ERIC Digest.  

ED470037  Reform Initiatives in Higher Education. ERIC Digest.  

ED470038  The Value of a College Degree. ERIC Digest.  

ED470039 Improving Civic Education in Schools. ERIC Digest.

ED470040  Teaching America's Founding Documents. ERIC Digest.  

ED470201  Some Ethical Considerations and Resources for Analyzing Online Discussions. ERIC Digest.  

ED470202  Survey Professionals Using Electronic Surveys. ERIC Digest.  

ED470203  Limitations of Current Language Testing Practices for Bilinguals. ERIC Digest.  

ED470204  Normalizing Data Transformations. ERIC Digest.  

ED470205  Multiple Regression Assumptions. ERIC Digest.  

ED470206  The Concept of Formative Assessment. ERIC Digest.  

ED470207  Perspectivas sobre las escuelas charter: Una resena para padres de familia (Perspectives on Charter Schools: A Review for Parents). ERIC Digest.  

ED470214  Modelos de instruccion para la educacion en la ninez temprana (Instructional Models for Early Childhood Education). ERIC Digest.  

ED470215  Evidencia reciente sobre programas preescolares (Recent Evidence on Preschool Programs). ERIC Digest.  

ED470216 La calidad del cuidado infantil: Un resumen para padres (Child Care Quality: An Overview for Parents). ERIC Digest.

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