2003/9/15 -- List of 67 ERIC Digests

Document Name Document Title 

ED470522  Promoting the Self-Determination of Students with Severe Disabilities. ERIC Digest. 

ED470524  Integrating the Arts into the Curriculum for Gifted Students. ERIC Digest.

ED470540  Early-Decision Programs. ERIC Digest. 

ED470541  Curriculum Reform in the Professions: Preparing Students for a Changing World. ERIC Digest. 

ED470542  Quality in Distance Education. ERIC Digest.

ED470589  Using Standardized Test Data To Guide Instruction and Intervention. ERIC Digest. 

ED470590  Effect Size and Meta-Analysis. ERIC Digest

ED470591  Some Key Concepts for the Design and Review of Empirical Research. ERIC Digest. 

ED470592  Score Normalization as a Fair Grading Practice. ERIC Digest.

ED470596  Incorporating Family Work into Individual Counseling: Establishing a Relationship with Families. ERIC Digest. 

ED470597  Working towards Effective Practices in Distance Career Counseling. ERIC Digest. 

ED470598  Professional School Counselors Can Make Positive Connections with Homeschoolers. ERIC Digest. 

ED470599  Filial Therapy. ERIC Digest. 

ED470600  ADD and ADHD: An Overview for School Counselors. ERIC Digest.

ED470601  Are Boys Falling Behind in Academics? Part I. ERIC Digest.

ED470602  New Perspectives on Counseling Underachievers. ERIC Digest. 

ED470603  When Terrorists Strike: What School Counselors Can Do. ERIC Digest. 

ED470604  Scientifically Based Research: What Does It Mean for Counselors? ERIC Digest. 

ED470712  Bibliotherapy. ERIC Digest. 

ED470713  A Review of Trends in Journalism Education. ERIC Digest. 

ED470714  Literacy Interventions in Low Resource Environments: An International 
Perspective. ERIC Digest. 

ED470948  Schooling in Mexico: A Brief Guide for U.S. Educators. ERIC Digest.

ED470949  Small Schools and Teacher Professional Development. ERIC Digest.

ED470950  Recruiting and Retaining Rural School Administrators. ERIC Digest.

ED470951  Reliability, Validity, and Authenticity in American Indian and Alaska Native Research. ERIC Digest. 

ED470967  Trends in School Leadership. ERIC Digest.

ED470980  Thematic Literature and Curriculum for English Language Learners in Early Childhood Education. ERIC Digest. 

ED470981  English Language Learners and High-Stakes Tests: An Overview of the Issues. ERIC Digest. 

ED470982  Nonnative-English-Speaking Teachers in the English Teaching Profession. ERIC Digest. 

ED470983  A New Framework for Teaching in the Cognitive Domain. ERIC Digest.

ED470984  New Copyright Exemptions for Distance Educators: The Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act. ERIC Digest.

ED470985  Teacher Preparation and Teacher-Child Interaction in Preschools. ERIC Digest. 

ED470986  Las normas de desempeno matematico desde el preescolar hasta el segundo grado (Mathematics Standards for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 2). ERIC Digest. 

ED470987  Ambientes de lenguaje y alfabetizacion en programas preescolares (Language and Literacy Environments in Preschools). ERIC Digest. 

ED470988  Enriquecimiento del horario extra-escolar de los ninos (Enriching Children's Out-of-School Time). ERIC Digest.

ED471486  Developing an International Framework for Education in Democracy. ERIC Digest. 

ED471487  What Federal Statistics Reveal about Migrant Farmworkers: A Summary for Education. ERIC Digest. 

ED471488  Nurturing Resilience and School Success in American Indian and Alaska Native Students. ERIC Digest. 

ED471490  Identification and Recruitment of Migrant Students: Strategies and Resources. ERIC Digest. 

ED471491  Effective Approaches to Teaching Young Mexican Immigrant Children. ERIC Digest. 

ED471717  Can Education Play a Role in the Prevention of Youth Gangs in Indian Country? One Tribe's Approach. ERIC Digest. 

ED471718  Setting the Agenda: American Indian and Alaska Native Education Research Priorities. ERIC Digest. 

ED471719  Using Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Assessments To Ensure that American Indian and Alaska Native Students Receive the Special Education Programs and Services They Need. ERIC Digest. 

ED471910  Research on Quality in Infant-Toddler Programs. ERIC Digest. 

ED471911  Stress and Young Children. ERIC Digest. 

ED471912  Bullying in Early Adolescence: The Role of the Peer Group. ERIC Digest. 

ED471969  The Prospects for Education Vouchers after the Supreme Court Ruling. ERIC Digest. 

ED471970  Welfare Reform and Urban Children. ERIC Digest. 

ED471971  The Asian and Pacific Islander Population in the U.S. ERIC Digest. 

ED472017  Teaching the Declaration of Independence. ERIC Digest. 

ED472157  La investigacion sobre la calidad de los programas para ninos de hasta dos anos de edad (Research on Quality in Infant-Toddler Programs). ERIC Digest. 

ED472158  El estres y los ninos pequenos (Stress and Young Children). ERIC Digest. 

ED472183  Using School Board Policy To Improve Student Achievement. ERIC Digest. 

ED472184  La preparacion del maestro y la interaccion entre maestro y nino en programas preescolares (Teacher Preparation and Teacher-Child Interaction in Preschools). ERIC Digest. 

ED472185  La intimidacion en el comienzo de la adolescencia: La funcion del grupo social (Bullying in Early Adolescence: The Role of the Peer Group). ERIC Digest. 

ED472486  Class Size Reduction and Urban Students. ERIC Digest. 

ED472559  Estrategias para mejorar los resultados academicos para las latinas (Strategies for Improving the Educational Outcomes of Latinas). ERIC Digest.

ED472601  Trauma and Adult Learning. ERIC Digest. 

ED472602  Professional Development for Career Educators. ERIC Digest. 

ED472603  The Impact of Work-Based Learning on Students. ERIC Digest.

ED472643  The Effects of Competition on Educational Outcomes. ERIC Digest.

ED472851  Interactive Language Learning on the Web. ERIC Digest. 

ED472872  Model Early Foreign Language Programs: Key Elements. ERIC Digest

ED472982  Teaching about Judicial Review. ERIC Digest. 

ED473010  Mental Retardation: Update 2002. ERIC Digest. 

ED473147  Narrative and Stories in Adult Teaching and Learning. ERIC Digest. 

ED473360  Transforming Principal Preparation. ERIC Digest 

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