2004/06/25 -- List of 17 ERIC Digests 

Document Name Document Title 

ED480420. Teaching Democracy.

ED480419. The Connection between Civic and Economic Education.

ED480193. The Status of Teacher Education in Community Colleges.

ED479891. Teaching History for Citizenship in the Elementary School.

ED479890. Civic Education Trends in Post-Communist Countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

ED481859. Teaching Decision Making to Students with Learning Disabilities by Promoting Self-Determination.

ED481817. Reducing Error in Mail Surveys.

ED481690. Working with Young English Language Learners: Some Considerations.

ED481301. Applications of Participatory Action Research with Students Who Have Disabilities.

ED480994. No Child Left Behind: Testing, Reporting, and Accountability.

ED480919. Raising Minority Academic Achievement: The Department of Defense Model.

ED480918. Labor Market Outcomes of Hispanics by Generation.

ED480917. Hispanics in College: Participation and Degree Attainment.

ED480916. New Approaches to Truancy Prevention in Urban Schools.

ED480741. Afterschool Programs.

ED480433. Adapting Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science Materials for the Inclusive Classroom.

ED480431. The Identification of Students Who Are Gifted.

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