2004/09/25 -- List of 25 ERIC Digests 

Document Name Document Title 

ED480469. Faculty Service Roles and the Scholarship of Engagement. ERIC Digest.

ED482051. Father's Role in Children's Academic Achievement and Early Literacy.

ED480540. Can Music Instruction Affect Children's Cognitive Development?

ED479842 .   Using Instructional Design Strategies to Foster Curiosity.

ED480732. Shifting Attention from "Discipline Problems" to "Virtue Awareness" in American Indian and Alaska Native Education.

ED482766. Anger Management 1: An Overview for Counselors. ERIC Digest. 

ED482767. Anger Management 2: Counselors Strategies and Skills. ERIC Digest. 

ED482768. Anger Management 3: Structured Programs and Interventions. ERIC Digest. 

ED482879. La auto-regulacion y la preparacion para la escuela. ERIC Digest. (Self-Regulation and School Readiness. ERIC Digest). 

ED482880. Communicating with Parents. ERIC Digest. 

ED482881. Continuity of Caregiver for Infants and Toddlers. ERIC Digest. 

ED482918. Providing Highly Mobile Students with an Effective Education. ERIC Digest. 

ED482919. Closing the Achievement Gap: Two Views from Current Research. ERIC Digest. 

ED482920. High School Dropout Rates for Latino Youth. ERIC Digest. 

ED482921. Violence in U.S. Public Schools: A Summary of Findings. ERIC Digest. 

ED482722. Constructivist Views of Learning in Science and Mathematics. ERIC Digest. 

ED482723. Conceptual Change among Students in Science. ERIC Digest. 

ED482724 Problem-Based Learning in Science. ERIC Digest. 

ED482725 Problem-Based Learning in Mathematics. ERIC Digest. 

ED482726. Teaching and Learning about the Earth. ERIC Digest. 

ED482727. Student Difficulties in Learning Elementary Mathematics. ERIC Digest. 

ED482728. Teaching about Oceans. ERIC Digest. 

ED482729. Understanding Mathematics and Culture in Rural Contexts. ERIC Digest. 

ED482764. Psychopharmacology: A Guide for Helping Professionals. ERIC Digest. 

ED482765. A Review of Research on Participant Outcomes in After-School Programs: Implications for School Counselors. ERIC Digest. 

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