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ERIC - This is the only official ERIC site remaining.  A variety of education documents can be found here as well as updates on the status of the ERIC system.

Educator's Reference Desk - This is from the folks who used to operate the AskERIC service.  Many of the lesson plans and reports from the AskERIC service can be found here.

Educational Realms - This is from the people who used to operate the ERIC Clearinghouse for Science Mathematics and Environmental Education. - This is another independent attempt to allow the public to access ERIC documents.

Rapid Intellect Group -  Company that publishes books relating to teaching in higher education and the journal Academic Exchange Quarterly.

Academic Exchange Quarterly - Peer reviewed higher education teaching journal with articles in many areas.  Includes details on how to submit an article or volunteer to be an editor.

Open Directory Project: Education - The education section of the best directory on the Web.

Open Directory Project: Libraries - The library section of the best directory on the Web.

SearchMonster.Org - Another good looking volunteer edited community.

Uncover the Net - This is a nice new web directory which I think has promise. 

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