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Pre-1992 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
------------  ----------
ed232798    The Small School Principal and School-Community Relations.

ed234103    School Learning and Corporation-School Alliances.

ed235247    Secondary School Ethos and the Academic Success of Urban Minority Students.

ed237584    Improving the Mathematical Skills of Low Achievers.

ed242801    Microcomputers: Equity and Quality in Education for Urban Disadvantaged Students.

ed250670    Metacomprehension.

ed250692    How to Find Good Computer Software in English and Language Arts.

ed250693    Thinking Skills in English--And across the Curriculum.

ed250694    Qualities of Effective Writing Programs.

ed250695    Spelling.

ed250696    Vocabulary.

ed250697    Software Evaluation for the Teacher of the English Language Arts.

ed250698    Narratology: The Study of Story Structure.

ed252636    The 1983 Educational Reform Reports.

ed252637    Helping Hispanic Students to Complete High School and Enter College.

ed252638    The Social and Psychological Adjustment of Southeast Asian Refugees.

ed253255    Economics of Information in Education.

ed253256    Networking and Microcomputers.

ed253465    Controversial Issues: Concerns for Policy Makers.

ed253468    Active Learning.

ed254209    Accessing ERIC with Your Microcomputer.

ed254210    Computer Literacy for Teachers.

ed254211    Electronic Networks.

ed254212    Excellence Through Educational Technology: Some Prior Considerations.

ed254213    Managing Computer Software Collections.

ed254214    Teleconferencing in Education.

ed256473    Developing Homework Policies.

ed256474    Full-Day or Half-Day Kindergarten?

ed256475    The Only Child.

ed259206    Private Sector Involvement in Vocational Education. Overview.

ed259207    Education for High-Technology Jobs. Overview.

ed259208    Retirement Policy. Overview.

ed259209    Vocational Education and Defense Preparedness. Overview.

ed259210    Adult Literacy Education. Overview.

ed259211    Adult Development: Implications for Adult Education. Overview.

ed259212    Job-Related Basic Skills. Overview.

ed259213    Organized Labor Education and Training Programs. Overview.

ed259215    Reentry Programs for Dropouts in Adult Settings. Overview.

ed259216    Jobs of the Future. Overview.

ed259217    Role of Vocational Education in Transition Services for Handicapped Youth. Overview.

ed259448    Dismissing Incompetent Teachers.

ed259449    Motivating Teachers for Excellence.

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