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ERIC Identifier: ED302557
Publication Date: 1988-08-00
Author: Rudner, Lawrence M. - Dorko, Kathryn
Source: ERIC Clearinghouse on Tests Measurement and Evaluation Washington DC., American Institutes for Research Washington DC.

Finding Information about Standardized Tests. ERIC Digest No. 2.

Finding the right standardized achievement or aptitude test can be quite difficult. You need to identify a variety of potentially useful tests, collect and review technical materials, and identify and evaluate the practical considerations of using these tests.

The printed sources are available in most academic libraries. They only contain brief information about individual tests; they do not contain copies of the tests themselves. You'll probably want to contact test publishers for more detailed information.


The following books have basic, non-evaluative information about a wide range of available tests. All include statements about intended audience, publication date, scoring, author, publisher.

Mitchell, James V. Jr. (ed.), Tests in Print III (TIP III): An Index to Tests, Test Reviews, and the Literature on Specific Tests. Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, University of Nebraska Press, 901 North 17th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0520, (402) 472-3581, 1983, 714 pages.

Tests in Print describes more than 2,400 published tests. It also contains more than 16,000 references about specific tests, a cumulative name index for each test that covers all references in TIP III, a directory of test publishers with all the tests of each publisher listed, a title index that covers all tests in print and all out-of-print tests once listed in Mental Measurements Yearbooks (MMY), a name index to authors of more than 70,000 documents (tests, reviews, excerpts, and references) in the nine MMYs and TIP III, a scanning index for quickly finding tests that are designed for particular populations, and serves as an index to the MMY series in general.

Keyser, Daniel J., and Sweetland, Richard C. (eds.), Tests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessment in Psychology, Education, and Business (2nd ed.). Test Corporation of America, 4050 Pennsylvania, Suite 310, Kansas City, Missouri 64112, (816) 756-1490, 1986, 1,296 pages.

This book concisely describes more than 3,100 published tests in a "quick-scanning, easy-to-read" format. It gives a brief description and information about the population targeted by the test, the purpose, and administrative and publication information.

The Educational Testing Service Test Collection Catalog, Volume I: Achievement Tests and Measurement Devices. Oryx Press, 2214 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85004-1483, (800) 457-6799, 1986, 296 pages.

This catalog gives information about more than 2,000 achievement tests in the ETS Test Collection. It indexes tests by author, title, and subject category.

Krug, Samuel E. (ed.), Psychware Sourcebook 1988-1989. Test Corporation of America, 1988, 640 pages.

This book describes 450 computer-based products used in psychology, education, and business. Most products go beyond simple test scoring and involve administration and report generation. The book has five indices: Test Title, Product Category, Product Application, Service, and Supplier.

Pletcher, Barbara P., Locks, Nancy A., Reynolds, Dorothy F., and Sisson, Bonnie G. A Guide to Assessment Instruments for Limited English Speaking Students. Santilla Publishing Company, New York. Out-of-print. Available through ERIC Document Reproduction Service, 3900 Wheeler Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia 22304, (800) 227-3742, TM 011 805, 1977, 223 pages.

While somewhat dated, this reference gives you leads to Italian, Navajo, Portuguese, Spanish, and Tagalog. The instruments listed in this guide were designed for use with students in K-6 and were normed with students in the U.S. Descriptive, technical, cultural, and linguistic information is given for about 400 tests.


Several major books give in-depth, candid reviews of available tests. The best-known books are:

Mitchell, James V. Jr. (ed.) The Tenth Mental Measurement Yearbook. Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, 1989, 1,014 pages.

The Yearbooks, published periodically since 1932, are a comprehensive source of factual and evaluative information about commercially available tests. The Tenth Mental Measurement Yearbook, contains information about 396 tests and includes 569 reviews by 303 different authors. In addition to descriptive information and test reviews, this book has bibliographic references to studies and articles about specific instruments, and a current directory of test publishers.

Keyser, Daniel J., and Sweetland, Richard C. (eds.), Test Critiques. Test Corporation of America, Volume I, 1985, 800 pages; Volume II, 1985, 872 pages; Volume III, 1985, 784 pages; Volume IV, 1986, 768 pages; Volume V, 1986, 608 pages; Volume VI, 1987, 712 pages.

Test Critiques emphasizes the practical aspects of test administration. Each review in this series has an introduction, practical applications, technical aspects, and an overall critique of the test.


Identifying and searching test information can be done quickly and efficiently through the online database system managed by Bibliographic Retrieval Services (BRS), 1200 Route 7, Lantham, New York, 12110, (800) 468-0908.

BRS provides sophisticated search routines and access to databases that contain test information. You or your librarian can search by test title, parts of a title, subject, purpose, availability, grade level, or any combination of these and other descriptors. The following testing databases are available:

The Educational Testing Service File (ETSF)--This is an online index to the tests contained in the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Test Collection. Developed to support the work of ETS test development staff, the ETS Test Collection has more than 14,000 commercial and unpublished tests. More than 8,000 tests that are currently available are in the ETSF.

Mental Measurements Yearbook Database (MMYD)--This is an online index to 1,400 tests and reviews covered in the Mental Measurement Yearbooks. Although considerably smaller than the ETSF database, the MMYD has more detailed information about each test and more information that can be searched.


Other sources for testing information are described in:

Fabiano, Emily, and O'Brien, Nancy. Testing Information Sources for Educators. ERIC Clearinghouse on Tests, Measurement and Evaluation, American Institutes for Research, 3333 K Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20007, (202) 342-5060, Report TME-94, 1987, 61 pages.

This is a guide to more than 150 books, journals, indexes, and computer-based services and organizations that provide information about student assessment. It also includes a subject index.

Crosby-Muilenburg, Corryn. Psychological and Educational Tests: A Selective Annotated Guide. ERIC Document Reproduction Service (TM 011 545), 1988, 35 pages.

Developed as a guide to the extensive measurement resources available to patrons of the Humbolt State University Library (Arcata, CA), this report identifies a wide range of books, reports, and journals about tests. It includes an extensive listing of references within specific disciplines, such as special education, counseling, and early childhood.


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