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Pre-1992 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
------------  ----------
ed308276    Educating Homeless Children.

ed308277    School-College Alliances: Benefits for Low-Income Minorities.

ed308398    Locating Job Information.

ed308399    Career Development in the Workplace.

ed308400    Retaining At-Risk Students in Career and Vocational Education.

ed308401    Retaining Adult Students in Higher Education.

ed308402    Adult Literacy Issues: An Update.

ed308657    Fourteen Tips to Help Special Educators Deal with Stress.

ed308686    Delivering Special Education: Statistics and Trends.

ed308795    Helping Minority Students Graduate from College--A Comprehensive Approach.

ed308797    Paying for College: Savings Plan vs. Prepayment.

ed308799    Enhancing a College's Fund-Raising Ability.

ed308800    Faculty Evaluation: Its Purposes and Effectiveness.

ed308801    Volunteer Work by Undergraduates.

ed308802    College Alcohol Programs.

ed308855    Videotapes: Copyright and Licensing Considerations for Schools and Libraries.

ed308856    Computer Software: Copyright and Licensing Considerations for Schools and Libraries.

ed308857    Implementing Information Power.

ed308858    Trends in Educational Technology: 1989.

ed308880    The Curriculum Roles and Responsibilities of Library Media Specialists.

ed308882    Hypertext: Behind the Hype.

ed308884    Trends in Library and Information Science: 1989.

ed308988    Involving Parents in the Education of Their Children.

ed308989    Escalating Kindergarten Curriculum.

ed308990    Mixed-Age Groups in Early Childhood Education.

ed309048    The Second IEA Science Study: Data Related to Precollege Science in the U.S.A.

ed309049    Teaching Problem Solving--Secondary School Science.

ed309050    Microcomputers in the Science Classroom.

ed309132    Labor Studies in the Curriculum.

ed309133    Teaching Geography in the Elementary School.

ed309134    World History in the Secondary School Curriculum.

ed309135    Community Service and Civic Education.

ed309556    State-Enforced Accountability of Local School Districts.

ed309563    Restructuring the Schools.

ed309564    AIDS/HIV Education.

ed309565    Choice in the Public Schools.

ed309590    Students with Specialized Health Care Needs.

ed309651    Foreign Language Requirement? Why Not American Sign Language?

ed309652    Elementary School Foreign Language Programs.

ed310112    Coaching Certification.

ed310369    The Issue: Adult Literacy Assessment.

ed310832    Commitment to Transfer.

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