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Pre-1992 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
------------  ----------
ed310833    Student Tracking Systems in Community Colleges.

ed310881    Cooperative Problem-Solving in the Classroom.

ed311120    Computers and Opportunities for Literacy Development.

ed311147    Urban School Finance: The Quest for Equal Educational Opportunity.

ed311148    Middle School Education--The Critical Link in Dropout Prevention.

ed312454    Employers' Expectations of Vocational Education.

ed312455    Cooperative Education: Characteristics and Effectiveness.

ed312456    Women, Work, and Literacy.

ed312457    Supporting and Facilitating Self-Directed Learning.

ed312611    Schema Activation, Construction, and Application.

ed312773    Alternatives to Standardized Educational Assessment.

ed312774    Strategic Planning.

ed312775    Superintendent Evaluation.

ed312776    Parent Involvement in the Educational Process.

ed313108    Praise in the Classroom.

ed313192    Hispanic and Anglo Students' Misconceptions in Mathematics.

ed313675    Whole Language: Integrating the Language Arts--and Much More.

ed313687    Using Literature To Teach Reading.

ed313867    Early Intervention for Infants and Toddlers: A Team Effort.

ed313868    Teaching Children with Attention Deficit Disorder.

ed314228    Changes in American Indian Education: A Historical Retrospective for Educators in the United States.

ed314427    Preparing Students To Take Standardized Achievement Tests.

ed314428    Interpreting Test Scores for Compensatory Education Students.

ed314429    Using Customized Standardized Tests.

ed314430    The GED Testing Program.

ed314546    Restructuring American Schools: The Promise and the Pitfalls.

ed314802    Media Ethics: Some Specific Problems.

ed314914    Using Personal Computers To Acquire Special Education Information. Revised.

ed314915    Students with Physical Disabilities and Health Impairments. Revised.

ed314916    Meeting the Needs of Able Learners through Flexible Pacing.

ed314917    College Planning for Students with Learning Disabilities.

ed315062    Selecting Microcomputer Courseware.

ed315063    The Impact of Microcomputer-Based Instruction on Teaching and Learning: A Review of Recent Research.

ed315064    Interactive Videodisc: An Emerging Technology for Educators.

ed315424    Communicating Scholastic Success.

ed315425    Computerized Adaptive Tests.

ed315426    Constructing Classroom Achievement Tests.

ed315427    Evaluating Workshops and Institutes.

ed315428    Finding Non-Commercial Tests.

ed315429    Five Common Misuses of Tests.

ed315430    A Glossary of Measurement Terms.

ed315431    Improving Teacher Evaluations.

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