Pre-1992 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

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Integrating Testing with Teaching.

ed315434 Talking to Your Child's Teacher about Standardized Tests.

ed315435 Talking to Your High School Students about Standardized Tests.

ed315699 The Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Model.

ed315700 Suicide and Sudden Loss: Crisis Management in the Schools.

ed315701 Counseling and Guidance Software.

ed315702 Invitational Learning for Counseling and Development.

ed315703 Counselors and Teachers as Student Advisors.

ed315704 Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenthood.

ed315705 Brief Family Consultation in Schools.

ed315706 Counseling Abused Children.

ed315707 The Emerging Role of the Community College Counselor.

ed315708 Post-Traumatic Loss Debriefing: Providing Immediate Support for Survivors of Suicide or Sudden Loss.

ed315709 Ethical and Legal Issues in School Counseling.

ed315785 Evaluating Student Writing: Methods and Measurement.

ed315864 Censorship of Curriculum Materials.

ed315865 Coping with Changing Demographics.

ed316249 Use of Local Area Networks in Schools.

ed316545 Assessment for National Teacher Certification.

ed316546 Demand and Supply of Minority Teachers.

ed316547 Violence in Sports.

ed316548 The Nature of Professional Development Schools.

ed316615 Teenage Pregnancy and Drug Abuse: Sources of Problem Behaviors.

ed316616 Hispanic Education in America: Separate and Unequal.

ed316617 Making Schools More Responsive to At-Risk Students.

ed316853 Integrating Literature into Middle School Reading Classrooms.

ed316957 Drug Testing.

ed317007 Educating Exceptional Children.

ed317036 Simulated Oral Proficiency Interviews.

ed317039 Telecommunications in Foreign Language Education: A Resource List.

ed317086 Teaching Mathematics to Limited English Proficient Students.

ed317087 The Role of Styles and Strategies in Second Language Learning.

ed317099 Making Sense of Administrative Leadership. The "L" Word in Higher Education.

ed317100 Affirmative Rhetoric, Negative Action. African-American and Hispanic Faculty at Predominantly White Institutions.

ed317101 Postsecondary Developmental Programs. A Traditional Agenda with New Imperatives.

ed317102 The Old College Try. Balancing Academics and Athletics in Higher Education.

ed317145 The Challenge of Diversity: Involvement or Alienation in the Academy?

ed317146 Student Goals for Colleges and Courses: A Missing Link in Assessing and Improving Academic Achievement.

ed317273 Educating Language-Minority Children.

ed317332 Small Schools: An International Overview.

ed317542 The Role of the Community College in the Creation of a Multi-Ethnic Teaching Force.

ed318035 Book-Length Works Taught in High School English Courses.

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