Pre-1992 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

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How to "Read" Television: Teaching Students to View TV Critically.

ed318176 Rights and Responsibilities of Parents of Children with Handicaps.

ed318226 Language Aptitude Reconsidered.

ed318230 The Uses of Baby Talk.

ed318231 Incorporating Dialect Study into the Language Arts Class.

ed318464 Enhancing Learning in At-Risk Students: Applications of Video Technology.

ed318738 Successful Minority Teacher Education Recruitment Programs.

ed318912 Job-Related Basic Skills.

ed318913 Jobs in the Future.

ed318914 Vocational Education Performance Standards.

ed318915 Locating Vocational Education Curricula.

ed319067 The Right To Read: Censorship in the School Library.

ed319297 The Student as Commuter: Developing a Comprehensive Institutional Response.

ed319580 Making Education Work for Mexican-Americans: Promising Community Practices.

ed319581 Supporting Emergent Literacy among Young American Indian Students.

ed319583 Capital Outlay: A Critical Concern in Rural Education.

ed319628 Accountability in Mathematics Education.

ed319629 Recent Developments in College Level Environmental Studies Courses and Programs.

ed319630 Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for Mathematics Education.

ed319651 Teaching about Australia.

ed319652 "Remember the Ladies"--Women in the Curriculum.

ed319742 Adolescents and AIDS.

ed319876 Enriching the Compensatory Education Curriculum for Disadvantaged Students.

ed319877 Linking Schools with Human Service Agencies.

ed320138 Multiplicities of Literacies in the 1990s.

ed320196 Racism in America's Schools.

ed320197 Collaboration between Schools and Social Services.

ed320569 Trends and Issues in Educational Technology: 1989.

ed320647 Improving Academic Advising at the Community College.

ed320648 Organizing Institutional Research in the Community College.

ed320661 Parent Education and Support Programs.

ed320662 Guidelines for Family Television Viewing.

ed320758 Recent Developments in College Science Programs and Courses.

ed320759 Teaching Environmental Education Using Out-of-School Settings and Mass Media.

ed320760 Linking Environmental Education with Environmental and Health Hazards in the Home.

ed320761 Environmental Education that Makes a Difference--Knowledge to Behavior Changes.

ed320762 Sources of Information about Promising and Exemplary Programs and Materials for Elementary School Science.

ed320763 Sources of Information about Promising and Exemplary Programs and Materials for Secondary School Science.

ed320764 The Impact of Educational Reform on Science Education.

ed320765 Environmental Education for a Sustainable Future.

ed321155 Managing Your Professional Development: A Guide for Part-Time Teachers of Adults.

ed321156 Teaching Adults with Learning Disabilities.

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