Pre-1992 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

Pre-1992 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

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Flexible Work Schedules.

ed321158 Helping At-Risk Youth Make the School-to-Work Transition.

ed321249 Content Area Textbooks: Friends or Foes?

ed321250 Beginning Reading Instruction in the United States.

ed321253 The Supreme Court on "Hazelwood": A Reversal on Regulation of Student Expression.

ed321261 Testing Literature: The Current State of Affairs.

ed321334 Debate and Communication Skills.

ed321342 Fiscal Policy Issues and School Reform.

ed321343 School Security.

ed321344 The Role of Business in Education.

ed321368 State Efforts To Deregulate Education.

ed321419 Gangs.

ed321424 Meeting the Special Needs of Drug-Affected Children.

ed321486 Guiding the Gifted Reader.

ed321488 Personal Computers Help Gifted Students Work Smart.

ed321489 Fostering Academic Creativity in Gifted Students.

ed321490 Developing Leadership in Gifted Youth.

ed321491 Mentor Relationships and Gifted Learners.

ed321492 Nurturing Giftedness in Young Children.

ed321494 Helping Adolescents Adjust to Giftedness.

ed321495 College Planning for Gifted and Talented Youth.

ed321496 Discovering Interests and Talents through Summer Experiences.

ed321501 Integrating Students with Severe Disabilities.

ed321502 Life Skills Mastery for Students with Special Needs.

ed321503 Extended School Year (ESY).

ed321504 Children with Communication Disorders.

ed321550 Second Language Classroom Research.

ed321551 Vocational English-as-a-Second-Language Programs.

ed321586 Foreign Language Program Articulation from High School to the University.

ed321587 Opportunities Abroad for Teaching English as a Foreign Language: A Resource List.

ed321588 Assessing Language Proficiency for Credit in Higher Education.

ed321589 Two-Way Language Development Programs.

ed321619 Using Newspapers in the ESL Literacy Classroom.

ed321620 International Literacy Year.

ed321621 Recruiting and Retaining Language Minority Students in Adult Literacy Programs.

ed321622 Talking Adult ESL Students into Writing: Building on Oral Fluency To Promote Literacy.

ed321623 Closed Captioned Television for Adult LEP Literacy Learners.

ed321704 Renewing Civic Capacity: Preparing College Students for Service and Citizenship.

ed321705 The Campus Green: Fund Raising in Higher Education.

ed321724 The Emeritus Professor: Old Rank, New Meaning.

ed321773 Creating and Maintaining the Bibliographic Database for Library Automation.

ed321791 Are New Models of Student Development Needed?

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