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Pre-1992 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
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ed321833    Internationalizing the Community College: Examples of Success.

ed321834    The Assessment of Educational Outcomes.

ed321835    Correctional Education and the Community College.

ed321843    Child Sexual Abuse: What It Is and How To Prevent It.

ed321890    Appropriate Public School Programs for Young Children.

ed321961    Demographic Trends of the Mexican-American Population: Implications for Schools.

ed321962    Undocumented Children in the Schools: Successful Strategies and Policies.

ed321963    Bilingualism and the Academic Performance of Mexican-American Children: The Evolving Debate.

ed321964    Trends and Options in the Reorganization or Closure of Small or Rural Schools and Districts.

ed321965    The Case Method in Teacher Education: Alaskan Models.

ed321966    Adult Literacy Programs in Rural Areas.

ed321967    Experiential Learning of Mathematics: Using Manipulatives.

ed321968    Unbiased Teaching about American Indians and Alaska Natives in Elementary Schools.

ed321970    The Role of Calculus in College Mathematics.

ed321971    Students at Risk in Mathematics: Implications for Elementary Schools.

ed321972    Resources for Educational Materials Related to Science Education, K-12.

ed321973    Sources of Information about Promising and Exemplary Programs and Materials for Elementary School Mathematics.

ed321974    Sources of Information about Promising and Exemplary Programs and Materials for Secondary School Mathematics.

ed321975    Sources of Information about Promising and Exemplary Programs and Materials for Elementary and Secondary Environmental Education.

ed321976    Resources for Educational Materials Related to Environmental Education, K-12.

ed321977    Procedures To Increase the Entry of Women in Science-Related Careers.

ed322021    Social Studies Curriculum Reform Reports.

ed322022    Teaching about the Built Environment.

ed322023    Teaching about Western Europe.

ed322080    Social Studies and the Disabled Reader.

ed322147    The Influence of Reform on Inservice Teacher Education.

ed322273    Assessing Bilingual Students for Placement and Instruction.

ed322274    Curriculum and Instruction To Reduce Racial Conflict.

ed322275    Public School Choice: Issues and Concerns for Urban Educators.

ed324192    Teaching Desirable Environmental Ethics and Action through School Activities.

ed324193    Teaching Critical Thinking through Environmental Education.

ed324194    Current Projects and Activities in K-12 Science Education Curriculum Development.

ed324195    Procedures To Increase the Entry of Women in Mathematics-Related Careers.

ed324766    Evaluating Educational Programs.

ed324767    Background Checks on School Personnel.

ed324777    Emerging Issues in State-Level School Finance.

ed325033    "High Risk" Students and Higher Education: Future Trends.

ed325204    Four-Year-Olds and Public Schooling.

ed325303    Selected Procedures for Improving the Science Curriculum.

ed325657    Locating and Selecting Information: A Guide for Adult Educators.

ed325658    Adult Literacy Learner Assessment.

ed325659    Employability--The Fifth Basic Skill.

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