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Pre-1992 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
------------  ----------
ed328825    The Challenge of Counseling in Middle Schools.

ed328826    Family Caregiving.

ed328827    Counseling To Enhance Self-Esteem.

ed328828    Empowerment for Later Life.

ed328829    Guidance--The Heart of Education: Three Exemplary Approaches.

ed328830    The Scope of Practice of the Secondary School Counselor.

ed328885    Increasing Comprehension by Activating Prior Knowledge.

ed328958    Promising Strategies for At-Risk Youth.

ed329130    Academic Achievement in a Second Language.

ed329131    Referring Language Minority Students to Special Education.

ed329484    Social Studies for the 21st Century: Recommendations of the National Commission on Social Studies in the Schools.

ed329486    Achievement of Knowledge by High School Students in Core Subjects of the Social Studies.

ed329490    Teaching Art From a Global Perspective.

ed329491    Aesthetics in Art Education: A Look Toward Implementation.

ed329806    School-to-Work Transition: Its Role in Achieving Universal Literacy.

ed329807    ERIC and the Adult Education Act: 25 Years of Collaboration.

ed329808    Tech Prep.

ed329809    Worksite Training.

ed329810    Balancing Work and Family Life.

ed329960    Semiotics and the English Language Arts.

ed330064    Evaluating Principals.

ed330372    ERIC on CD-ROM: Update 1990.

ed330373    The Role of Libraries in Literacy Education.

ed330495    Readiness: Children and Schools.

ed330496    What's Happening to American Families?

ed330674    Prekindergarten Teacher Licensure.

ed330675    Drug and Alcohol Prevention Education.

ed330676    Exercise Adherence.

ed330677    The Knowledge Base for Teaching.

ed330691    Developing Teachers' Leadership Skills.

ed331030    Reading and Writing in a Kindergarten Classroom.

ed331152    The Role of Schools in Sexual Abuse Prevention and Intervention.

ed331338    Proprietary Schools: Programs, Policies and Prospects.

ed331489    Computer Uses in Secondary Science Education.

ed331512    The Library and the Latchkey.

ed331528    Information Technology and the Informed Citizen: New Challenges for Government and Libraries.

ed331827    Locating Practice-Oriented Materials in ERIC.

ed332255    Educating the Consumer about Advertising: Some Issues.

ed332562    Budgeting for Higher Education at the State Level: Enigma, Paradox, and Ritual.

ed332929    Teaching the Responsibilities of Citizenship.

ed332930    Student Achievement in Core Subjects of the School Curriculum.

ed333618    Bilingual Special Education.

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