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Pre-1992 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
------------  ----------
ed259450    Extending the School Year and Day.

ed259451    Microcomputers in the School Office.

ed259452    Teacher Competency: What Administrators Can Do.

ed259453    Merit Pay for Teachers.

ed259454    Class Size.

ed259455    Student Discipline Policies.

ed259873    Out of the Fields and Into Computers.

ed259874    Shared Services for Rural and Small Schools.

ed259875    Finding and Keeping Teachers: Strategies for Small Schools.

ed259935    Field Instruction in School Settings.

ed259936    Studying the Future Through Environmental Education.

ed259937    Some Implications for Science Education from National Reports.

ed259938    A Review of "Research Within Reach: Science Education."

ed259939    Meta-Analysis Research on Science Instruction.

ed259940    Instruction in Awareness of Environmental Issues.

ed260362    Unemployed Youth: Counseling Issues.

ed260363    Older Adults: Counseling Issues.

ed260364    Adolescent Substance Abuse: Counseling Issues.

ed260365    Assessing School Counselor Performance.

ed260366    Counseling and Educational Excellence: A Response to "A Nation at Risk".

ed260367    Eating Disorders: Counseling Issues.

ed260368    Selected Issues in Elementary Guidance.

ed260369    Creativity and Counseling.

ed260370    Adult Career Development: An Overview.

ed260869    Public School Administration on Indian Reservations.

ed260870    Hispanics in Math and Science: Attracting Student Teachers and Retraining Experienced Teachers.

ed260872    Alternative Funding Sources for Migrant Education.

ed260874    Planning Staff Development Programs for Rural Teachers.

ed260883    Planning a Class Camping Trip. ERIC Digest: Outdoor Education.

ed260884    Facilitating Certification and Professional Development for Small  Schools.

ed260890    Achievement in Mathematics Education.

ed260891    The Role of Review in Mathematics Instruction.

ed261754    Assessing Student Degree Aspirations.

ed261757    Counting the Reverse Transfer Students.

ed261758    The Current Status of the Associate Degree.

ed261759    What Statistical Information Is Available on Two Year Colleges: A Summary of Research Findings.

ed261811    Outdoor Education for Behavior Disordered Students.

ed261818    Energy Conservation in Small Schools.

ed262498    Fostering Peer Acceptance of Handicapped Students and A Minibibliography on Promoting Positive Attitudes toward the Disabled.

ed262499    Parents' Rights and Responsibilities.

ed262500    What Is Dyslexia?

ed262501    Serving the LD Student in a Vocational Education Classroom.

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