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Pre-1992 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
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ed333619    Communicating with Culturally Diverse Parents of Exceptional Children.

ed333620    Multicultural Education for Exceptional Children.

ed333621    Effective Instruction for Language Minority Children with Mild Disabilities.

ed333622    Empowering Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students with Learning Problems.

ed333623    Functional Language Instruction for Linguistically Different Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities.

ed333713    Creative Activities for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

ed333714    Implementing Middle School Foreign Language Programs.

ed333854    College Choice: Understanding Student Enrollment Behavior.

ed333856    Pursuing Diversity: Recruiting College Minority Students.

ed333943    Preparing Women and Minorities for Careers in Math and Science: The Role of Community Colleges.

ed333951    The Community College Role in Achieving Adult Literacy.

ed333952    Writing Across the Curriculum Programs at Community Colleges.

ed333963    Infant Child Care.

ed334194    Writing RFPs for Assessment Programs.

ed334309    Meeting the Goals of School Completion.

ed334310    Teaching Limited English Proficient Students To Understand and Use Mathematics.

ed334311    Accountability Mechanisms in Big City School Systems.

ed334340    School Programs for African American Males.

ed334467    Family and Intergenerational Literacy.

ed334468    Resolving Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace: A New Focus for Career Development.

ed334469    Collaborative Learning in Adult Education.

ed334470    Older Worker Training: An Overview.

ed334571    How College Learning Specialists Can Help College Students.

ed334595    A New Look at Literature Instruction.

ed334603    Portfolios: Assessment in Language Arts.

ed334714    An Overview of the Six National Education Goals.

ed334715    The National Education Goals: Questions and Answers.

ed334806    Developing Programs for Students of High Ability.

ed334866    Cultural Considerations in Adult Literacy Education.

ed334867    Ethnography and Adult Workplace Literacy Program Design.

ed334868    The Role of Libraries in Providing Services to Adults Learning English.

ed334870    Measuring the Nation's Literacy: Important Considerations.

ed334871    Assessing the Literacy Needs of Adult Learners of ESL.

ed334872    A Learner-Centered Worker Education Program.

ed334873    Literacy Education for Adult Migrant Farmworkers.

ed334874    Workplace Literacy Programs for Nonnative English Speakers.

ed334959    Social Consciousness and Career Awareness: Emerging Link in Higher Education.

ed335058    What Is An Expert System?

ed335059    A Practical Guide to Preservation in School and Public Libraries.

ed335158    Approaches to School-Age Child Care.

ed335174    Family Lives and Parental Involvement in Migrant Students' Education.

ed335175    American Indian/Alaskan Native Learning Styles: Research and Practice.

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