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Pre-1992 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
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ed262504    The Imperative for Educational Reform: Implications for Special Education.

ed262506    Being at Ease with Handicapped Children.

ed262511    Leadership Skills Among the Gifted and Talented.

ed262514    Technology for the Gifted and Talented.

ed262515    Personnel Development in Special Education: Quantity Versus Quality.

ed262519    Defining Giftedness.

ed262525    Professional Training for Teachers of the Gifted and Talented.

ed262526    Underachieving Gifted Students.

ed263626    Assessing Listening and Speaking Skills.

ed263627    Integrating the Language Arts.

ed264161    Latin American Studies.

ed264162    Cooperative Learning in Social Studies Education: What Does the Research Say?

ed264163    Peace and Nuclear War.

ed264164    Improvement in Geography Education.

ed264166    Strengthening High School World Studies Courses.

ed264167    Computer Databases: Applications for the Social Studies.

ed264575    Using Microcomputers in Elementary Language Arts Instruction.

ed265013    Research Related to Instructional Materials for Science.

ed265050    The Learning of Mathematics.

ed265075    Teaching about Hazardous Materials.

ed265935    Teaching Early Childhood Educators and Other Adults How to Use Computers.

ed265936    Children's Peer Relationships.

ed265988    The Advantages of Small Schools.

ed266019    Recent Research on Mathematics Instruction.

ed266137    Alternative Certification for Teachers.

ed266338    Teenage Suicide: Identification, Intervention and Prevention. 

ed266339    Selecting a College: A Checklist Approach.

ed266340    Teenage Pregnancy.

ed266341    Peer Counseling.

ed267435    Testing in Literature.

ed267899    Grade Retention and Promotion.

ed267914    Choosing Software for Children.

ed267941    Outdoor Education: Definition and Philosophy.

ed268065    Community Study.

ed268301    Adult Literacy Volunteers.

ed268302    Bilingual Vocational Education for Immigrants.

ed268303    Education and Employment. Overview.

ed268304    Interactive Video in Vocational Education. Overview.

ed268305    The Family-Career Connection. Overview.

ed269114    Are Communications Technologies in Education a Threat to Faculty?

ed269115    Positioning Community Colleges via Economic Development.

ed269116    Measuring Student Outcomes through the Associate Degree.

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