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Pre-1992 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
------------  ----------
ed269137    Parents and Schools.

ed269406    Current Developments in Teacher Induction Programs.

ed269407    Components of Good Teacher Induction Programs.

ed269809    Humanities in the English Classroom.

ed270101    ERIC for Practitioners.

ed270102    Microcomputer Courseware Evaluation Sources.

ed270103    Videodiscs in Education.

ed270104    Videotex 1985: Educational Applications.

ed270138    Should Your College Start a Center for the Delivery of Contract  Training Programs?

ed270180    Approaches to Staff Development for Part-Time Faculty.

ed270527    Increasing Minority Participation in the Teaching Profession.

ed270782    Teaching English to the Gifted Student.

ed270783    Issues Affecting High School Literature Programs.

ed271162    Assessing the Employment Experiences of Community College Vocational Program Graduates.

ed271477    Teacher Mentoring.

ed272248    The Community College Professor: Teacher and Scholar.

ed272258    Writing Instruction in the Two-Year College.

ed272432    Critical Thinking in the Social Studies.

ed272699    On Second Thought: Using New Cognitive Research in Vocational Education. Overview.

ed272700    Managing Disruptive Student Behavior in Adult Basic Education. Overview.

ed272701    The Adult Education Teacher's Role in Career Planning. Overview.

ed272702    Family Influences on Employment and Education. Overview.

ed272855    Television Viewing and Reading.

ed272922    Invented Spelling and Spelling Development.

ed272923    Handwriting Instruction: What Do We Know?

ed273397    Career Education Counseling for Migrant Students.

ed273539    Teaching about Ethnic Diversity.

ed273608    Accreditation.

ed273718    Black Students and Private Schooling.

ed274512    Research in College Science Teaching: Cognitive Levels and Reasoning.

ed274513    Science-Technology-Society in the Science Curriculum.

ed274582    Improving the Use of Elementary Social Studies Textbooks.

ed274611    How To Plan And Implement Successful Social Studies Inservice Programs.

ed275792    Teaching Writing to Linguistically Diverse Students.

ed275887    Granting Academic Credit for Vocational Education. Overview.

ed275888    Correctional Education: Selected Aspects. Overview.

ed275889    Deterrents to Participation in Adult Education. Overview.

ed276301    Exploratory Foreign Language Courses in the Middle or Junior High School.

ed276302    Foreign Language Teacher Certification.

ed276304    The Need for Foreign Language Competence in the United States.

ed276305    Personal Benefits of Foreign Language Study.

ed276306    ESL Teacher Certification.

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