Pre-1992 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

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Foreign Language and International Studies High Schools.

ed277601 The Nature of Geographic Literacy.

ed277654 The Importance of the Educational Resources Information Center for Health and Physical Education Teacher Candidates.

ed277655 The Importance of the Educational Resources Information Center for Teacher Candidates.

ed277685 Teacher Certification.

ed278255 What Is Linguistics?

ed278380 Museums and Schools as Partners.

ed278381 Plugging in to Computer Bulletin Boards.

ed278416 Administrative Issues in Planning a Library End User Searching Program.

ed278602 Teaching about Africa.

ed278657 The Evaluation of Teachers.

ed278658 Evaluation of Student Teachers.

ed279205 Parent Involvement and the Education of Limited-English-Proficient Students.

ed279206 Limited-English-Proficient Students in the Schools: Helping the Newcomer.

ed279634 Misassignment of Teachers in the Public Schools.

ed279642 Teacher Educators: What Do We Know?

ed279643 AIDS: Are Children at Risk?

ed279644 Drug Abuse: Prevention Strategies for Schools.

ed279991 Career Guidance, Families and School Counselors.

ed279992 Helping Children Cope with Divorce: The School Counselor's Role.

ed279993 Elderly Parents and Adult Children as Caregivers.

ed279994 Counseling Roles and AIDS.

ed279995 Issues in Multicultural Counseling.

ed281607 Screening for School Entry.

ed281608 Training Day Care Providers.

ed281610 The Development of Social Competence in Children.

ed282091 Collaboration in Adult Education. Overview.

ed282092 Effective and Ethical Recruitment of Vocational Education Students. Overview.

ed282093 Parents' Role in Transition for Handicapped Youth. Overview.

ed282094 Reducing the Dropout Rate through Career and Vocational Education. Overview.

ed282095 Articulation between Secondary or Postsecondary Vocational Education Programs and Proprietary Schools. Overview.

ed282346 School Consolidation.

ed282347 Dropout Prevention.

ed282348 Home Schooling.

ed282349 Communicable Diseases in the Schools.

ed282350 Choice in the Public Schools.

ed282351 Day Care in Schools.

ed282352 Teacher Tenure.

ed282776 Science Misconceptions Research and Some Implications for the Teaching of Science to Elementary School Students.

ed282796 Teaching about Japan.

ed282860 So You Want To Be a Teacher.

ed284272 Fostering Cognitive Development in College Students--The Perry and Toulmin Models.

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