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Pre-1992 - List of 42 ERIC Digests

File Name     File Title
------------  ----------
ed291203    Disabilities: An Overview.

ed291204    Learning Disabilities.

ed291205    Critical Presentation Skills--Research to Practice.

ed291206    Lesson Structure: Research to Practice.

ed291441    Program Review.

ed291514    Readiness for Kindergarten.

ed291515    Early Childhood Classrooms and Computers: Programs with Promise.

ed291665    The African Social Studies Programme: An Effort to Improve Curriculum and Instruction across 17 African Nations.

ed291666    Teaching about Canada.

ed292108    Teaching Children To Appreciate Literature.

ed292172    At-Risk Students.

ed292217    Team Management.

ed292485    Community College Students in the Fine and Performing Arts.

ed292740    Teaching the Federalist Papers.

ed292972    Vocational Education-Job Training Partnership Act Coordination.

ed292973    Improving Basic Skills of Vocational Education Students.

ed292974    Workplace Literacy Programs.

ed292975    Individualized Career Plan Models.

ed293130    Computer-Assisted Writing Instruction.

ed293207    Education and Economic Development.

ed293225    Magnet Schools.

ed293630    The Shifting Kindergarten Curriculum.

ed293680    Teaching the Abused Migrant Child: What's a Teacher To Do?

ed293681    Classroom Strategies for Teaching Migrant Children about Child Abuse.

ed293784    Teaching History in the Elementary School.

ed293972    High School Graduates in Entry Level Jobs: What Do Employers Want?

ed293973    Improving the School-Home Connection for Low-Income Urban Parents.

ed294569    A Reappraisal of Instructional Television.

ed294653    Hothousing Young Children: Implications for Early Childhood Policy and Practice.

ed295132    Listening: Are We Teaching It, and If So, How?

ed295394    Preschool Services for Children with Handicaps.

ed295395    Special Education Dropouts.

ed295396    Stress Management for the Learning Disabled.

ed295397    Disciplinary Exclusion of Special Education Students.

ed295398    Emotional Disturbances.

ed295399    Does Early Intervention Help?

ed295460    Approaches to Foreign Language Syllabus Design.

ed295741    The Shy Child.

ed296120    Preventing Obsolescence through Adult Retraining.

ed296121    Learning Management.

ed296122    Human Performance Technology.

ed296123    Single Parents: Career-Related Issues and Needs.

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